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Scott Pierce

It's been confirmed, you guys. The Showtime hit Dexter is finally concluding after its eighth season.

CBS head Les Moonves called it the "last season" on a call to CBS investors. It's about time. I love this show, but it's been going on so long at this point, it could only go downhill. Likewise, my TV attention is being taken away from Dexter to shows like Homeland and The Walking Dead. Still, Showtime has yet to officially confirm the ending of the show, despite Moonves' quote.

Showtime is currently working on a series called Masters of Sex, which focuses on the story of Masters and Johnson, the team who pioneered research in sexuality starting in the late 1950s until the 1990s. There's so much that could be shown -- due to the content and the ability of a network like Showtime -- that I'd love to see this story on screen. I'd imagine it being like Mad Men, but with the sensibility of United States of Tara.

Are you guys ready to replace serial killer violence with sex history?


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