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Mark Newton

This year you get to exercise your democratic freedom in deciding who blows up the White House. Will it be 's -starring Olympus Has Fallen, or in 's White House Down?

Both directors seem to be taking a different direction in marketing their method of blowing up 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Whereas Olympus Has Fallen's poster gets straight to the point by simply featuring a picture of the White House exploding, Emmerich has decided to go for the whole 'calm-before-the-storm' vibe. Check out these three new posters:

(via Empire)

Although, it looks like Emmerich stole the posters from the inside window of a Washington D.C. tourism office, they do a pretty good job of building tension before the White House goes kaboom. Unfortunately, that tension is slightly diluted by the fact we've already seen Emmerich demolish the White House in Independence Day. At least they don't insult your intelligence as much as Olympus Has Fallen's poster does.

Who do you think will do a better job of toasting the White House, Olympus Has Fallen or White House Down? Let us know below.


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