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Mark Newton

Now, I don't speak Spanish, so what I can tell you about I'm So Excited's latest trailer is pretty limited. It looks a bit like a campier version of The Full Monty, but on a plane. I also think I heard 'Mexico' mentioned at one point; that might be important. I also think I saw a quick glimpse of and . Check out the trailer below to see for yourself.

(via The Film Stage)

Even though I can't understand the trailer, I'm excited about the film. After all, it is from , the world famous Spanish director. He has described it as "a light, very light comedy". Yeah, the trailer kind of gave that impression...

It will open in Spain on March 8th. Afterward, we can expect Sony to give it a US release date. Hopefully, they'll include some subtitles.

Does I'm So Excited look ~exciting~ to you?


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