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Now, despite #Deadpool still being 2016's unofficial "breakout" success, the news surrounding its imminent sequel has seemingly been growing bleaker by the day. First, Deadpool's director, #TimMiller, dropped out of the project, and then, just days later, the man behind the original movie's acclaimed score — Junkie XL — confirmed that he would also not be returning as a result. Heck, there was even a little while there where fans were clamoring for #QuentinTarantino to direct the film, despite the fact that there was absolutely no evidence to suggest that he actually wanted to.

The future, then, seemed to be looking a little bleak for #Deadpool2. And yet, much as it does for the film's titular antihero himself, it seems that adversity is bringing out the best in the "little movie that could, Mk. 2." Y'see...

It Seems Deadpool 2 Is Going To Start Filming Surprisingly Soon


Now, sure, the film may not yet have a director — though #JohnWick co-helmer David Leitch is reportedly favorite to take over — but that doesn't appear to have forced #Fox to alter its filming schedule. That, at least, is what the latest reveal from seems to suggest, with the site having added Deadpool 2 to its list of imminently active productions in Vancouver, with filming apparently set to get going in January 2017.

That, of course, would make a whole lot of sense, seeing as the film is still reportedly set to hit theaters on March 2, 2018, which — even with a relatively low-budget enterprise like the Deadpool franchise — doesn't leave a whole lot of time to actually, y'know, make the movie.


Does that then suggest that Fox is close to hiring a new director, or is all of this simply speculation on the part of the source in question? Is it still possible that Deadpool 2 will be delayed, or filming perhaps moved back a month or two (and subsequently condensed) to allow the new helmer time to get to grips with the production? Might Fox have already hired the film's new co-lead, Cable, and simply opted not to tell us while the directorial situation is as muddy as it currently seems?

All that and more may or may not be answered in the coming weeks. Here's hoping, though...

Want more back story on what to expect in Deadpool 2, though? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

Meanwhile, what do you think? Will Deadpool 2 be a staggering sophomore success, or just another major league disappointment? Let us know below!

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