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It is expected to put an end to the current Box Office slump and rise to the expectations of many a Stephen King fan, if the reviews are any indication. The Andy Muschietti-directed movie is expecting a very warm reception at the Box Office, posed to smash records with a predicted 70 million in ticket sales — which is more than any film has made in September, and more than any horror picture has ever made in its first week. So it makes sense why the studio is already planning to release a sequel to the film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gary Dauberman is set to write the sequel to It, with producers Barbara Muschietti, Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg all returning for the second installment.

The sequel is being billed as It: Chapter Two, and was already in the works long before this report, given that the 2017 film only covered half of the book. During SlashFilm's visit to the set last year, producer Barbara Muschietti and director Andy Muschietti revealed that they already had had plans for the sequel. Barbara Muschietti even stated:

"I’m talking big words here, someone at New Line is trembling as I say these words. As soon as we have the director’s cut, we’ll be able to start jotting down ideas."

And it appears that she was true to her words, as details are already emerging about the second film.

What We Know About 'Chapter 2':

'IT' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'IT' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Despite the second act being centered on adults— who are basically the Losers, all grown up and returned to Derry — there's a strong possibility that we will see the child actors again via flashbacks, as the director recently stated that there will be correlation between the timeline of the adult Losers and the Losers of 1989. However, we don't yet know whether the children filmed scenes for the sequel while shooting the first film, or if they will go back on set after starts filming.

One big difference between the book and the film is that some more fantastical elements didn't make the cut — but we may see these surreal scenes in the sequel. Speaking to Yahoo Movies, Andy Muschietti stated:

"I really wanted to focus on the emotional journey of the group of kids. Getting in to that other dimension — the other side — was something that we could introduce in the second part. In the book the perspective of the writing… is always with the Losers, so everything they know about Pennywise is very speculative and shrouded in absurdity, so I wanted to respect that mystery feeling of not knowing what’s on the other side."

He also mentioned that we would see some of the finale from the book that didn't make it to the first installment:

“I also wanted to leave something for the second half, so I didn’t want to get in trouble with that — going into the macroverse or that transdimensional stuff — and keep it grounded, from the point of view of the kids.”

With fans eager to see the film, it certainly looks like the future for It is very bright. It's highly likely that we'll see the Losers return to the screen 2019, but the success of It has already assured that we will see much more of Pennywise beyond that.

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'IT' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'IT' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

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