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Zombie movies shuffle into our cinemas with alarming regularity, but few ever stray far enough from the tried and tested formula to wake up the mindless hordes who pay to watch them (i.e., us). Every now and then though, a new horror comes along that blows our brains out with its sheer ambition. Fortunately for fans of the undead, It Stains The Sand Red is that movie and you can devour the first official trailer right here.

Check out the scary first trailer for It Stains The Sand Red below:

Starring Brittany Allen (All My Children) and Juan Riedinger of Narcos fame, It Stains The Sand Red is a zombie film with a difference. Gone are the hordes of flesh-eating walkers, and in their place stands one lone zombie who chases a woman named Molly across the Las Vegas desert.

Here's the official synopsis for in full:

“It Stains the Sands Red begins following a zombie apocalypse when Molly finds herself lost in the desert with one of the rabid living dead hot on her trail. Although at first, she finds it hard to give him the slip, the situation gets even more complicated when the girl realizes that, unlike her, her pursuer has no physical need to stop and rest."

Directed by Colin Minihan (Grave Encounters), It Stains The Sand Red has already received rave reviews from festival-goers who've commended the film's ability to switch between genres with ease. By focusing on the central relationship between Molly and her relentless pursuer, the movie has the freedom to move beyond the typical tropes of the zombie genre and explore a far more unique dynamic between the living and the dead. Brittany Allen has also infected the minds of everyone who's seen the film, thanks to a ballsy lead performance that bodes well for her role in .

If the response so far is to be believed, then It Stains The Sand Red could best even the likes of Train To Busan and The Girl With All The Gifts, becoming one of the best zombie films we've seen since Shaun first holed himself up in the Winchester Tavern.

Find out for yourselves if It Stains The Sand Red is a real game changer when the film is released in cinemas and on digital platforms this summer. Don't forget to let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments section below!


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