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The upcoming horror film IT is one of the year's most-anticipated movies, and it'll undoubtedly be compared to the original 1990 TV miniseries starring Tim Curry as Pennywise. We already know that the new film will feature a Tim Curry tribute, but will actor Bill Skarsgård's actual performance be a tribute to Curry's?

Not so much.

Skarsgård is now the clown in charge, and he intends to give us a much scarier rendition of Stephen King's . And if the trailer is anything to go by, then we are in for a real treat:

Skarsgård Used Stephen King’s Source Material For Inspiration, Not Curry's Performance

Speaking with Bloody Disgusting, Skarsgård opened up about giving us his own take on Pennywise, and how it'll compare to Curry's.

“ I worked really hard to create my own interpretation of the Stephen King character. Tim Curry’s performance is understandably iconic, still, but the whole [miniseries], to me, at least, felt like something that might be worth a remake of, or rather, a re-adaptation, is kind of how I want to see the film. It’s not a remake of the TV show or the original miniseries, but it’s a re-adaptation of Stephen King’s book.”

For that reason, Skarsgård focused on 's novel even more than the film's own script for direction:

"I read the book and I took a lot of notes on anything that describes Pennywise in any way, or describes ‘IT’ in any way, so and there’s a lot of like great chapters, where ‘IT,’ like the entity, is the narrator. You hear his thoughts and what he thinks and all these things, and so there was this huge source material to go from, like, ‘Oh, what is this saying, why is he here, what does he think like, what does he like, what doesn’t he like?’ — I could use all of those things to come up with my own interpretation and my own version of what ‘IT’ is, and then also what Pennywise is in terms of his embodiment."

The important thing to remember with Pennywise is that he's not a hulking Michael Myers or a Jason Voorhees type of horror character. I’d compare Pennywise more to Freddy Krueger — this was a monster who could go inside your dreams and deliver a killing blow with your deepest fear.

This Pennywise Will Be The Most Frightening Clown Ever Put To Screen

The trailers have given us very brief glimpses of this creature, but the great thing is that Pennywise’s mere presence is enough to terrify viewers. This may be a "less is more" situation; a film like Steven Spielberg’s Jaws didn’t need to show the shark to sell the movie; the music from master composer John Williams is just enough for audiences to know that there’s something lurking in the water, waiting to feed.

In fact, Skarsgård tells Bloody Disgusting that it may require multiple viewings to fully understand everything that he's trying to convey on-screen:

“I hope that there’s a lot of those little things that if people watch the film a couple of times, they’ll see and kind of read into and understand my Pennywise more and more each time they watch it."

I just hope that these kids have done their homework before combating this malicious creature.

IT will terrify us all on September 8.

Which Pennywise do you think will be your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!



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