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The second episode of HBO's incredible new show Westworld was released early due to a clash with another chilling vision of dystopia, the upcoming Trump vs. Clinton debate. If you haven't been following the show, get out from underneath that rock and jump in. The epic story takes place in a virtual theme park based on all your favorite Western films. The simulated reality is populated with hyper-intelligent androids who are there to satisfy the desires of the human guests. The story follows the the guests, the androids, and their creators as the whole park starts to go haywire.

Check out the trailer for the second episode below:

In the second episode, the show introduced Jimmi Simpson's character, William, a human guest entering the virtual playground for the first time. You might have recognized Jimmi as Liam McPoyle, the dastardly and deranged leader of the McPoyle clan in FX's depraved sitcom It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. He may be all cleaned up and acting nice but we're sure Jimmi Simpson's character has a little McPoyle in him, in fact there's reason to believe the whole damn park is infected by the demented clan. We're going to take a look at the influence the McPoyle family has had on the lawless universe of Westworld.

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Androids Sure Do Love Milk

Anyone who has been watching Westworld must have noticed the constant references to milk. In the premiere, one of the androids is disappointed to only find milk after raiding Dolores's house, but gladly chugs it down anyway. After a huge showdown, one of the outlaw androids drinks a big 'ol bottle of cow juice only to have it come piddling out of his bullet wound. The androids are even created in vats of some cloudy, milky substance giving new, literal meaning to the saying "you are what you eat."

'Westworld' / HBO
'Westworld' / HBO

Milk Is The Fuel That Keeps The McPoyle Clan Strong And Weird

The McPoyle brothers with their taxidermied cat / FX
The McPoyle brothers with their taxidermied cat / FX

If you're not familiar with the McPoyle clan, they are the family of freaks that are constantly seeking to bring down the gang in It's Always Sunny and they are about as deranged as they are inbred. The McPoyles are so strange they can be spotted from a mile away; dressed in children's night-shirts, greasy uni-brows twitching and a glass of milk in hand. Milk is their life-force, the fuel that keeps them strong and unpredictable. They use it for energy, as an aphrodisiac, and even for cleaning wounds.

Watch Liam McPoyle demonstrate the power of milk below:

The Human Guests Of Westworld And The McPoyles Share A Love Of Violence

Milk isn't the only thing that ties these two worlds together. In the simulated reality of Westworld, everything is permitted. Human guests love starting a ruckus and filling the really expensive, sophisticated androids with lead. Poor Teddy has already died more times than Kenny in South Park because of the reckless guests. Westworld would definitely suit the McPoyles, who are known to snap and attack anyone (even other McPoyles sometimes) at any given minute. They get swept up into fits of bewildering rage; using whatever they have at their disposal they will attack for fun, in defense, or just because of sheer boredom. So much for the milk of human kindness!

McPoyles gone wild / FX
McPoyles gone wild / FX

Had you noticed this fun parallel between Westworld and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?


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