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My father is the biggest Saturday Night Live fan in the history of the show. He will argue tooth and nail that the early episodes with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd will always be the best compared to any other season. To him, any movie with one of those actors deserves an Oscar.

Maybe it's because my father thinks he has the comedic talent to be on the show. I still remember the time, the day before my birthday, he walked into my bedroom covered in a white bed sheet. "Happy Birthday. I got us tickets to see Ghostbusters tomorrow," he said in the most nonchalant voice. Then he walked away as if wearing a bed sheet was the new status quo. As funny as the movie was, I never laughed as hard as watching my dad burst out with hysterical laughter during the librarian scene. That's why I was so excited to celebrate Ghostbusters Day.

June 8 marked the 33rd anniversary of the original . Super News Live celebrated Ghostbusters Day by hosting director Ivan Reitman and actor Ernie Hudson (who played Winston Zeddmore) for a Ghostbusters Q&A. Zip up your brown jump-suits and switch on your proton packs because you're about to get slimed. Here are some of the questions asked by fellow Ghostbusters fans.

4. 'Ghostbusters,' The Musical?

With Groundhog Day turned into a musical, Ivan Reitman was asked if he would be interested in making a Ghostbusters musical. If you have a hankering to hear Bill Murray bust out some tunes, then be ready for disappointment. Reitman admitted there is no discussion about making the movie into a musical. However, he was not opposed to the idea. He actually welcomed it. Turned out, Reitman was a music student in college and has always wanted to direct a musical for the big screen. He already has some experience, directing and producing Merlin and The Magic Show for Broadway. Ernie Hudson chimed in said that he would even sing in the musical if given the chance. Can you image a scene where the Ghostbusters break into a choreographed routine with Slimer?

3. What Other City Could 'Ghostbusters' Take Place In?

Ivan Reitman started to answer this question by first saying that he would like to connect the original Ghostbusters movies with the recent Paul Feig version. He didn't say which city, but he did mention that he would like to explore the other ghost stories around the world like in China or Korea. There are wonderful tales of the paranormal in various countries, and he could see several teams of Ghostbusters scattered around the world with the head office in New York City. With the success of foreign horror movies, this sounds like a fun possibility to see new ghosts, characters, and ghost busting technology.

2. Which Was Your Favorite Ghost?

Ivan Reitman's pick was Zuul, The Gatekeeper of Gozer who eventually possessed Dana Barrett, leading to scenes like the one where Sigourney Weaver hovered over her bed while her silky red dress floated in the air. A bit of movie trivia here: Reitman was the voice of Zuul. Ernie Hudson, meanwhile, said the librarian was his favorite. He said that was when the Ghostbusters ride kicked into high gear because it had the right amount of freight and humor to keep audiences loving this movie forever.

1. Which Was Your Favorite Scene?

And so it always comes back to that famous librarian scene. It had the right mix of comedy and horror that set up the movie. Ivan Reitman said he loved the scene because the actors had to act in front of things that were real. This movie was filmed before CGI existed. When you see Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray reacting to the card catalogs jumping out, that's because those card catalogs were done by hand. Not only did they have to do several takes, but they had to replace thousands of cards each time before they re-shot the scene.


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