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Veronica Mars was a fan favorite series that ran for three seasons from 2004 until 2007 when it was cancelled. In 2014, fans used Kickstarter to fund a movie that creator, Rob Thomas, and the cast where all too happy to return for.

Filling the Buffy shaped gap in our hearts, the show assembled a new group of Scoobies who aided Veronica in her super sleuthing around the city of Neptune solving mysteries and crimes. It also happened to be the show that started it all for the talented and popular, Kristen Bell, as well as stars from shows like Gossip Girl, The New Girl and Jessica Jones.

The Kickstarter for the movie even broke records; it was the fastest project to reach $1 million, fastest to reach $2 million, the all-time highest funded project in the film category, was the third highest funded project in the history of Kickstarter and had to most backers of any project in Kickstarter history.

Rob Thomas, along with Diane Ruggiero, returned to TV in 2015 when they created iZombie; a series loosely based on the comic book of the same name about Liv Moore, who is turned into a zombie when she attends a boat party.

After getting a job in a coroner’s office, Liv discovers that the brains of the murder victims she has been eating, temporarily gives her some of their personality traits and using this new found power, Liv helps the police in solving the murder of the victim.

Season Two ended with Liv, Major and Babineaux attempting to free the Chaos Killer zombies as Ravi and Blaine rescue a kidnapped Peyton. The new owner of Max Rager, Vivian Stoll, comes to heads with Liv who discovers that they plan to turn Seattle into Zombie HQ.

As we head into the third season, expected to air sometime in early 2017, another Veronica Mars alum will be joining the cast - but which one?

That would be Logan Echolls himself, Jason Dohring!

Image: Warner Bros.
Image: Warner Bros.

Jason will be playing Chase Graves, brother-in-law of Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage), who appeared in the two-part Season Two finale.

Chase will make his first appearance in the eighth episode of Season Three “Eat a Kinevel” and will recur throughout the season.

Aside from Veronica Mars, the show and the movie, Dohring has also starred in Boston Public, Moonlight, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Supernatural, Ringer, The Messengers and The Originals.

Jason Dohring isn't the first Veronica Mars alum to join the cast - check out the seven others below.


Image: Wikimedia
Image: Wikimedia

Who was he in Veronica Mars? Aside from creating the show, Rob Thomas wrote multiple episodes of the show as well as the movie, directed two episodes and the movie, was an executive producer on the show and a producer on the movie. Thomas even has an uncredited role in a Season Three episode as Johnny Scopes.

Who was he in iZombie? Including creating the show, Thomas directed the pilot, served as an executive producer and has, so far, written four episodes.


Image: Warner Bros.
Image: Warner Bros.

Who was she in Veronica Mars? Kristen Bell played Veronica Mars herself for all three seasons and the movie, as well as serving as an executive producer on the movie. She even sang in two episodes.

Who was she in iZombie? In the eleventh episode of Season Two titled 'Fifty Shades of Grey Matter,' Bell has an uncredited role voicing herself.


Image: Warner Bros/The CW
Image: Warner Bros/The CW

Who was he in Veronica Mars? Enrico Colantoni played Veronica's father, Keith Mars, for all 64 episodes, the movie and returned in Play It Again, Dick.

Who was he in iZombie? Colantoni played Detective Lou Benedetto in two episodes in Season Two.


Image: Warner Bros/The CW
Image: Warner Bros/The CW

Who was he in Veronica Mars? For the whole series and the movie, Percy Daggs III played Veronica's best friend, Wallace Fennel, and came back for Play It Again, Dick too.

Who was he in iZombie? Episode nine of the first season saw Daggs play Sean Taylor in 'Patriot Brains.'


Image: Warner Bros/The CW
Image: Warner Bros/The CW

Who was he in Veronica Mars? For 52 episodes of the show, Ryan Hansen played Dick Casablancas, a jock and friend of Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring). Hansen returned for the movie and even became the lead for Play It Again, Dick.

Who was he in iZombie? Only appearing in one episode early on in the series, Hansen played Carson McComb in 'Flight of the Living Dead.'

We can't sate your hunger for brains, but we can satisfy your iZombie cravings with these articles...


Image: Warner Bros/The CW
Image: Warner Bros/The CW

Who was he in Veronica Mars? Daran Norris played Cliff McCormack, an attorney and ally/client of Mars Investigations, in 17 episodes of the show and even returned for the movie and Play It Again, Dick.

Who was he in iZombie? For three episodes, Norris starred as Johnny Frost, a local weather man who was suspected of murder.


Image: Warner Bros/The CW
Image: Warner Bros/The CW

Who was he in Veronica Mars? Appearing in six episodes of Veronica Mars, Adam Rose played Max, a student who swapped for test answers for cash.

Who was he in iZombie? Appearing in the first episode of Season Two, Rose played Byron Thistlewaite, the owner of a house where an anonymous call was placed.

If we already have seven Veronica Mars alums making appearances in iZombie, does that mean we can expect more? There is certainly enough of them, and if the movie and Play It Again, Dick is any indication, they seem more than happy to come back and work with Rob Thomas.

Images: Warner Bros.
Images: Warner Bros.

And those are only nine possible characters; lets not forget people like Charisma Carpenter, Amanda Seyfried, Max Greenfield, Harry Hamlin, Kyle Gallner, Krysten Ritter, Aaron Ashmore, Steve Guttenberg, Alyson Hannigan and many more have made appearances on the show. Fingers crossed for some of these actors to make the cross over to iZombie.


Will you be tuning in to see Jason Dohring make his debut on iZombie?

iZombie will return to The CW midseason. Source: TVLine.


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