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This week's episode of iZombie marked a slight departure from the show's normal formula, as Liv, Clive and Peyton revisited an old case. Old cases mean old brains, so instead of the fresh brains Liv is used to eating (like last week's nerd brain), she got the brain of a murder suspect from a few episodes back. Having been soaked in Ravi's "blue juice" memory serum, Liv's visions this week were extra potent, as she revisited the Dominatrix case from a few episodes back that Peyton is now prosecuting.

In her new role as BFF to a Zombie, Peyton donned a latex suit, cat ears and what looked like a fly swatter to try and trigger a vision for Liv. Despite the makeshift props, Peyton clearly did a good job, as Liv had an extra long vision to help Peyton move forward with the case. The only problem? Mr Weckler suffered frequent hallucinations of his ex-wife whilst alive, which unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) for Liv, meant that the lovely hunky boyfriend whom she had to kill last season, Drake, returned.

Of course, that's not nearly all that happened this week in . Keep reading to discover the top 3 things that happened this episode!

1. Mr Boss Is Back For Revenge — But Blaine Has Other Ideas

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

We saw Mr Boss make an unexpected return at the end of last episode, with a plan for revenge and a gun. Unfortunately for him, that plan really didn't go well. His first stop on his trip back to Seattle was his family home, where his wife was still blissfully unaware her husband was still alive. Unbeknownst to her, her husband slipped quietly into the house, retrieved his suitcase of money and fake passports, and left completely unnoticed.

Though his first stop went remarkably well, his second was slightly disastrous. Mr Boss tried to kill Blaine again, this time by shooting him twice. The problem, of course, is that Blaine's a zombie! You can't kill a zombie with a stomach shot dude, c'mon! Blaine's assistant, Candy, (who is apparently now a zombie) came to the rescue, enough so that Blaine was able to stand up and take Mr Boss as his prisoner. When Mr Boss later tried and failed to kill Blaine — stabbing Blaine through the neck with an ice pick — Blaine set the record right on who the real boss here is, bringing Mr Boss on as his employee for the forseeable future.

Score: Blaine 1, Mr Boss 0.

2. Drake Is Back — But It's All In Liv's Head

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

I think we can all agree that Drake was an absolute sweetheart! While they were no Liv and Major, Liv and Drake were a pretty good couple. We were all rooting for them, but alas, the couple were tragically parted — until this week's episode, when he randomly appeared in Liv's front room.

Having consumed the brain of the mentally ill Mr Weckler, Liv found herself hallucinating about Drake at almost every turn. Everywhere she looked, the handsome and adorable hunk was there with a quip. Liv eventually realized that Mr Weckler suffered hallucinations of his ex-wife because he had unresolved issues with her, and that clearly, she too had unresolved issues with Drake. Working out those kinks, Liv said her final goodbyes before making out with her hallucination on her couch before new beau Justin walked in. Luckily, visions and hallucinations are all part of the bargain with zombie life, so Justin merely took it in his stride before he and Liv took their relationship to a more intimate level.

3. Ravi And Don-E Are In Grave Danger

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

It's a real wonder that Don-E hasn't gotten himself in trouble with some group or other much sooner than this, but this week he finally found himself strung up and starved in the basement of Harley Johns. Together with Ravi, he was being held there by Harley and his men, as they live-streamed his starvation and descent into zombie-mode of no return.

Ravi — who we know went undercover with Harley Johns and his men — found himself in an increasingly difficult position, as the situation escalated beyond his control. Waiting for their live stream to hit 10, 000 views, Harley Johns and his rag-tag team of Zombie-Haters (hunters?) planned to torture Don-E live on air. The episode ended on one of 's biggest cliffhangers, as Ravi stood at gunpoint protecting Don-E. Harley made it clear he has no problem going through Ravi if necessary, but with Liv and Blaine on the way, let's hope both Ravi and Don-E escape unscathed.

It's not clear what brain (if any) Liv is on next week, but it's obvious that it's quite an eventful episode. Teaming up with Blaine, she's sure to be able to kick a little ass and save Ravi — and hey, maybe the chunk of retired soldier brain that Don-E's on will actually come in handy during their escape! To make sure you never miss a moment, tune into iZombie Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW, and Wednesdays on Netflix for us international fans!


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