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We're one week away from the season finale of iZombie, and as Seattle gets closer and closer to D-Day, things in the city are becoming increasingly hectic. Last week, we watched Ravi almost die at the hands of Harley Johns and his cousins, only to be saved by Liv and Blaine, and surprisingly, Filimore-Graves.

This week took a slightly different turn as no one's immediate life was in danger, but Liv did find herself on the verge of being outed as a Zombie after making front page news. Unlike Episode 11, this week brought Liv and Clive a fresh, new case, and by extension, a fresh, new brain for Liv to chow down on. The only problem? It just so happened to be Katty Cups - Ravi's former boss, and ex-girlfriend. Cue all the awkward visions you could ever imagine.

Of course, that's not all that happened this week, so keep reading to see the 3 most important things that happened in the latest episode of !

1. Chase Graves Knows Major's Human - And He's Not Happy About It

I speculated last week about how Major — who had been taken off active duty by Vivian Stoll — was suddenly allowed back in the field, despite being human. Either he'd snuck his way in under the new leadership of CEO Chase Graves, or Graves knew and was ok with letting a human out in the field with his Zombie mercenaries.

The latter is unlikely, and this week we saw Chase confront Major in a similar fashion to Major's previous conversation with Vivian. Throwing over a brain tube to Major, Chase slurped up his nutritious brain meal as a human Major reluctantly slurped a little of his, before saying he wasn't hungry.

It wasn't hard to see that a now human Major was completely disgusted by the human brains he was consuming, and his actions confirmed the truth for Chase. Major reluctantly shook Chase's hand as he was removed entirely as an employee of Filimore-Graves. Though he begged to be put a desk, or on cleaning duty, Chase Graves was adamant that there was no place for a human at Filimore-Graves, and that Major should leave. It's a tough pill to swallow, but Major being in the field as a human is a risk for everyone involved - one that Chase Graves isn't willing to take.

2. Liv's Tan & Dye Bring All The Boys To The Yard

We've had almost two full seasons of Zombie's questioning why Liv has chosen not to blend in. Her pale skin and ice white hair set her apart from almost everyone, and to those who know what traits to look for in a Zombie, Liv obviously is one.

Though she's never had any desire to blend in, Liv's public outing as a Zombie in the papers, has forced her to tan her skin, and dye her hair. She looks more like Liv Moore in disguise as Rose McIver, and is almost unrecognisable without her signature short ice-white hair and dark eye make-up. Liv's a pretty big hit even when she looks like a Zombie, but with a tan, a new wig and some Katty brain, Liv seems to be attracting all the boys.

Liv spends almost three or four nights in a row at a bar that Katty used to frequent, finding herself attracted and nearly going home with three different guys. Katty, it seems, liked to tango with a different guy every night. Of course, Katty was single and Liv is not.

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

Though Liv takes the time to ask Justin to define their relationship and whether or not they're exclusive, she still ends up losing all control and morals as she sleeps with ridiculously handsome Filimore-Graves CEO, Chase Graves. It's pretty high up there on Liv's list of terrible decisions, and with Justin saying that they are indeed exclusive only hours before her fling with Chase, Liv's immediate future isn't looking too hot.

3. Harley Johns Continues To Be A Pain In The Ass

In a not so shocking twist this week, Harley Johns — the Zombie-hating hillbilly — continues to be a pain in everyone's ass. Last week revealed that he'd been scratched in the scuffle at his warehouse where'd he'd kidnapped Don-E, and was subsequently turning into a Zombie.

This week we jumped in right where Episode 11 left off, with Liv tying up Harley Johns and Major arriving with a brain tube among other supplies. Liv, Clive and Major offer Harley the brain tube, only for him to refuse it, throwing it aside. Shortly after, Major injects him, knocking Harley out and putting him on ice in true Chaos Killer fashion. Ahem, Chaos Kidnapper.

Later on, Harley's friends show up to bust his "dead body" out of the freezer, assuming that someone has brutually murdered him, and wanting to give him a proper burial. Unfortunately, they have no idea what they're dealing with, and once he's fully thawed out, Harley attacks them, cracking their skulls.

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

Harley later shows up to to Major's send off party — one that his Filimore-Graves comrades have thrown for him. After drinking heavily and harassing Natalie, turns on the Filimore-Grave guys. Earlier, Natalie had come to see Major to insist he come to Italy with her — she'd found a nice place, and only wanted to live a quiet life. Of course Major invites her to the party, before he's taken outside by Justin to talk about Liv. Whilst Justin and Major chat, Harley reveals a ton of bombs strapped to his chest, and just as Natalie whispers "no", blows up the whole house full of Filimore-Grave Zombies.

It's incredibly sad to see Natalie go, especially when she seemed so close to finally being free and happy. Next week's shows no sign of human Natalie, so we can assume that she didn't survive the blast. As for the Filimore-Graves employees, most appear to be dead, but these are Zombies, and no one truly knows the full extent of what they can survive. (I'm still holding out hope that Vivian survived the helicopter blast!)

To make sure that you don't miss a thing, tune in to the season finale, next Tuesday on The CW at 9/8c and Wednesday on Netflix for us international fans!

What did you think of this week's iZombie? Let me know in the comments!

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