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Last week's iZombie gave us quite the scare as the episode ended with Ravi being held at gunpoint, and Don-E almost starving to death. Picking up seconds after Episode 10 ended, this week's dropped us right in at the moment Ravi almost lost his life. Luckily, Harley backed out of shooting him at point blank range, and instead hit him over the head, before storming into the room where Don-E was being held.

Like last week, there was no new case for Liv and Clive to solve, as she consumed the brains of Harley's dead brother, Bo Johns, along with Don-E and Blaine. Though there's been no new cases in a while, there's never any lack of old cases and new problems, so keep reading to see the top 4 things that happened in this week's iZombie!

1. Seattle's New Zombie Mayor May Be A Murderer

Seattle's new Mayor, Barracus, made the front pages of the newspaper in last week's iZombie as a hero when he shielded his son from an assassination attempt made on his life. Although he did indeed seem to be quite the hero here, it's looking like Barracus may not be quite as innocent as he makes out.

We know from previous episodes that Barracus was one of Roxanne's high-paying clients for quite some time up until her death. Whilst running for Mayor, Barracus made it clear that he didn't want his escapades to become public knowledge. What he — and many of Roxanne's other clients — didn't know, was that their sessions were being recorded, and footage of those sessions was being kept on a previously hidden SD card.

Though Peyton managed to recover the SD card (which had been one of many missing links in the case), it's looking as though Barracus may have had a direct hand in Weckler's death — First, by turning Weckler's daughter into a zombie and threatening to starve her of brains unless Weckler gave him the SD card. Then, by having Weckler killed by a guard, before covering his tracks.

If that's all true, and can be proven, then Seattle's first zombie Mayor may not be the step in the right direction that everyone was hoping for. Here's hoping that this is no more than a theory brought on by the brains that Liv had eaten from a rather paranoid Bo.

2. Major's Back On Active Duty At Filimore-Graves + He's Also Kind Of A Social Media Star

Shortly before her death, Filimore Graves CEO Vivian Stoll, took Major off active duty when she realized he was human. Though that seemed like the end of Major's mercenary career with Filimore-Graves, it seems that under the new leadership of the company, he's managed to regain his mercenary status and is back on active duty. Whether he's simply snuck in and continued to work unnoticed, or whether the new CEO knows he's not a zombie and has appointed him his old position anyway, is unclear. Though it may seem like great news, a human mercenary is in significantly more danger than a zombie one. Major's going to have be a lot more careful this time round.

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

Speaking of careful, perhaps Major should apply the same discretion with his personal life. Shawna — the pen pal friend we saw him meet up with in last week's episode — had been taking a ton of pics and videos of her and Major's time together. Whilst Major thought it was sweet and thought nothing of it, it turns out Shawna had dedicated an entire Tumblr page to him. She'd uploaded everything from videos and pictures, to text messages and though she said it was merely to change his image in the public eye, Major couldn't quite handle the attention and ended up breaking things off with her.

It's probably for the best, in the long haul, since we need Major single if he and Liv ever have another crack at it. That, and a pen pal turned creepy one-night-stand - who posts everything about your personal life online - probably isn't girlfriend material.

3. Harley Johns Is Rocking A Much Lighter Hairdo - Spoiler Alert, He's A Zombie!

Harley Johns has been a thorn in the side to everyone since the Tuttle-Reid murders, and it doesn't look like he's letting up anytime soon. Having been seen driving past the Tuttle-Reid house on the night the family were massacred, Harley also started up a zombie hunting gang, managing to capture and torture Don-E last week.

Together with his brother and friends, the gang created a community of people looking to hunt down zombies, after one of his brothers was killed during the Max Rager incident at the end of Season 2. Unfortunately, his hunt for zombies got a little too intense this week when Liv and Blaine arrived as back up to save Ravi and Don-E. Fighting amongst the scuffle as his brother and friends tried to escape, Harley was scratched. Though he — along with everybody else — didn't seem to realise it at the time, it became evident that Clive shot him three times in the stomach, and he recovered within seconds.

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

In an ironic twist, this gun-toting, zombie hating civilian, has turned into the very thing he hates. It'll be interesting to see how he adapts to life as a zombie, if at all. Harley's made his disdain of them very clear since his arrival on the show, and of course, the very fact that he is one, now provides him definite proof of their existence. What he'll do with this knowledge remains to be seen.

4. Liv's Secret Is Out - She's On The Frontpage Of A Newspaper In Full Zombie-Mode!

Despite a ton going wrong in the world of recently, Liv has never really had a problem with folks finding out that she's a zombie. Sure there was that one time Peyton found out and completely up and left for a bit. There was also that time Clive found out and was more than a little surprised, but overall, it's never really been an issue. She slices through brains artfully creating a ton of meals right there in the little kitchen at the police precinct, and no one has suspected a thing. She's done a brilliant job of keeping a low profile, but with D-day (discovery day) looming, it looks as though Liv's stress free days are over.

Walking into work on a sunny morning after a week of hell, Ravi notices a familiar face on a newspaper stand. When he goes to pick it up, Ravi sees none other than Liv's face plastered across the newspaper, with an expose inside on the existence of zombies. So, who's responsible? Rachel, of course. Lovely little photographer Rachel, whom Ravi met at Harley Johns' meeting when he was working undercover. Turns out Rachel isn't just a photographer, she's also a reporter for a major newspaper, and a scoop as big as the existence of zombies was just the kind of story she was looking for.

Next weeks episode looks set to shake things up as we're one episode away from the season finale. With Liv looking less like Liv and more like Rose McIver, it's obvious that in the wake of her picture being blasted everywhere, Liv has had to finally succumb to a spray tan and a wig to blend in with humans. Unlike the past two weeks, it looks like there's finally a new case, and hilariously, Liv will consume the brains of Ravi's former flame.

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