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Last week's episode of iZombie was a pretty eventful one, as Major finally took the cure after sharing a heartfelt goodbye with Liv and Ravi. We also saw the full debut of new Zombie hangout The Scratching Post, led by Don-E and Angus, shortly after Filimore-Graves began officially helping out with the Tuttle-Reid murders.

This week saw Liv consume the brains of a narcissist as her and Clive investigated the murder of Yvonne Fallon — a grocery store worker and DJ. Yvonne was an excitable young woman with a flair for the dramatic and passion for all things music. Unfortunately, she also owed more than a $1000 in debt to her roommate and was constantly causing problems at work for her boss.

Still reeling from the effects of Ravi's memory serum brain from last week, Liv was happy to finally get rid of Dominatrix Roxanne's visions. The only problem of course, was that Liv had now replaced Roxanne's overbearing personality with Yvonne's scatterbrain and complete incompetence in a work setting. In an episode that was primarily about the cure and its effects, Liv's scatterbrain wasn't exactly the most helpful.

Keep reading to see the top 3 things that happened in this week's .

1. Cure Galore - How Affective Is It And What Does This Mean For Liv And Major?

This episode focused largely on the cure and the after effects Major was feeling from taking it in last week's episode. Though the gang were worried about the rate at which Major would lose his memory, he seemed to be doing okay for the most part, with his focus more on eating ice-cream than anything else. Ravi sat him down with flash cards to see just how much of his memories he was retaining — Although Major could remember old school coaches, the dog he stole last season, and a host of people from his life, memory loss reared its ugly head while the two started gaming.

In this episode, Blaine also revealed that he had lied about the severity of his memory loss. He admitted to Peyton that his memory did indeed fade after he'd taken the cure, but only for a day or two. After that Blaine's memory came to back to him, completely intact almost in a flash. This news was huge for Peyton and the gang as not only did it mean that Major would be fine, but that Liv would finally get what she'd wanted this entire time: To be human.

If The Cure Works, Why Does Blaine Need Ravi's Memory Serum?

Here's the thing, the news that Ravi's cure works is all good and well for Liv and Major, but there's a twist. Not only was the cure stolen from Ravi's office, by Blaine, but so was his recipe for the Memory Serum. If the cure works, and the memory loss side affect only lasts for a day or two, that would render Ravi's Memory Serum completely unnecessary. There'd be no need to restore memories, if the cure itself restores them after a few days.

Unless the Cure doesn't work at all.

Let's say Blaine lied, (which I 100% think he did) and the Cure doesn't work. That means it causes severe and permanent memory loss, and the only way to regain those memories, is with Ravi's Memory Serum. This would be the only explanation for why Blaine stole both the Cure and the Serum. One cannot work without the other, so in theory, Blaine would need both for whatever he's planning. Whether or not he's trying to cash in on Don-E's discovery of a trust-fund Zombie with the funds to pay for a cure, is unclear. Especially since he'd have no real way of knowing that that potential client exists, since he presumably knows nothing of The Scratching Post, its clientele or Don-E and Angus's joint business venture.

So what does this mean for Liv and Major?

Well, since there are now no spare doses of the Cure for Liv to take, she's going to have to remain a Zombie until Ravi can produce a new batch. Of course, now that Major is human, there's no real chance for Liv and Major at this time, since there's always the possibility that she could scratch him and turn him. Though Liv seemed super excited at the prospect of being human again, it doesn't seem like it'll be on the cards for her anytime soon.

2. Peyton And Blaine Call It Quits — She Finally Comes To Her Senses

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netlix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netlix]

Peyton's been living with the wool over her eyes for a while now as she chose to forget everything that Blaine is and was, in favor of believing the man that he was pretending to be. Blaine managed to artfully charm his way into Peyton's life, wining and dining her almost every second he got, until she'd completely forgotten the man he used to be. Though Blaine's plan worked, and he did indeed manage to snag Peyton, with her choosing him over Ravi, his efforts to be honest this episode landed him in trouble when Peyton dumped him.

It's interesting to note that although Blaine made a heartfelt plea to Peyton, claiming that this new Blaine was permanent, he immediately reverted to his old ways the second she dumped him. We see Blaine at the end of the episode with both the Cure and the ingredients to make the Serum. Though his nice guy act initially worked with Peyton, it's obvious that deep down, Blaine will never be anything other than selfish.

Next week's episode takes iZombie to a whole new level, as the fierce and ferocious Liv who previously wanted Blaine dead seems to be making a comeback. Considering he's taken her one chance to be human, it's no surprise that Liv appears to be going full Zombie-mode and totally flipping out on him next week. We're not sure yet what brains Liv will be on, but a Liv fueled by anger might be more lethal than any brain she could consume!

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