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Last week's iZombie was pretty eventful: not only did Liv take some time out to enjoy a real date with new beau Justin, she also ended up witnessing the death of Filimore-Graves CEO, Vivian Stoll. As packed as that episode was, this week really didn't hold back, as we saw potential Zombie-Mayor, Barracus, take a pretty nasty hit when an assassination attempt was made at his campaign event.

The death of important people aside, Episode 9 of iZombie saw Liv consume the brain of an all round nerd and Dungeons and Dragons Master, as his mysterious death during a game was ruled a murder. Believing him to be poisoned out of jealousy, Clive and Liv did their upmost to investigate the case before a familiar face returned to take it off their hands. Agent Bozzio — who you'll recall was brought in on the Chaos Killer case back in Season 2 — returned this week as the lead Agent on what was previously Clive's case. Though Clive tried to talk to her and reconcile, she seemed to be having none of it, and instead left him standing in the street.

Of course, that's not all that happened this week. The world of iZombie is a busy one, so keep reading to see the top 3 things that happened in this week's episode!

1. Ravi Investigates Harley Johns & It's Worse Than He Thought

Ravi reveals himself to Harley Johns. 'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
Ravi reveals himself to Harley Johns. 'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

This week continued on from the end of Episode 8, as Ravi sat in on the first of Harley Johns' Zombie-Hater / potential Kill Squad meetings. Making an impassioned speech to his supporters, Harley then proceeded to hand out files of Zombie's on their to-watch list, detailing how they would then kidnap, starve and live stream the evidence of their existence to the world.

Seeing that the situation was clearly getting out of hand and putting Zombie lives in danger, Ravi revealed himself. He introduces himself to the pretty enthusiastic crowd as someone who was fired from the CDC for encouraging them to take Zombie's seriously. Ravi then tells them that he is working on a vaccine to protect humans, and pleads with them not to make a move until he's perfected the vaccine. Of course, he was lying, as we know Ravi's working on a cure not a vaccine, but nonetheless it likely buys the gang some time to try and quell the issue before Harley Johns gets out of hand.

2. Blaine Has Perfected Ravi's Blue Juice Memory Serum - Now Don-E's Reaping The Consequences

Don-E samples some Memory Serum induced brain. 'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
Don-E samples some Memory Serum induced brain. 'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

Blaine made a pretty triumphant return to his old ways in Episode 6 when he revealed that he'd been lying to Peyton and the gang about his memory loss. Shortly after that, in Episode 8, we saw him steal the recipe for Ravi's memory serum, in addition to the last few batches of the cure. Following Ravi's recipe and adding a little twist, Blaine gathers the ingredients necessary to make the serum, before soaking a brain of his choosing in it for twice the recommended time.

This spin on Ravi's foolproof recipe led to a brain twice as potent as any Ravi had experimented on. The visions — having been tested on Don-E's second in command — come within five minutes of consuming only a small slice of brain, and last for two hours.

Don-E, as curious and reckless and he is, then decided to try not a slice, but an entire chunk of brain whilst Blaine wasn't looking. His pupils dilated almost immediately, and a vision that should've lasted a mere two hours rendered him completely incapable of doing his job. Not only that, he trashed the bar while having a vision of war. Unfortunately, his actions put him in danger, and when Harley Johns later drops by the station to speak to Ravi, it's to ask him to tranq a real life Zombie that he found wandering the street. That Zombie just so happened to be Don-E, completely unaware of his surroundings and in full Zombie-mode.

3. Mr Boss Is Back And Out For Revenge - Could Peyton Be In Danger?

Mr Boss returns. 'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, NEtflix]
Mr Boss returns. 'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, NEtflix]

It's been a while since we've seen or heard from Mr Boss in the world of , but Episode 9 revealed that he's back in Seattle with a vengeance! You'll recall that Mr Boss is a well-known crimelord in Seattle, one whom Blaine used to work for back in Season 1 when he'd been selling Utopium at the boat party. Mr Boss has a huge network of people, all of whom have been scared into submission and rarely, if ever, rat him out.

He's a pretty ruthless criminal, and though he's not all that intimidating to look at, he does a pretty good job of scaring his associates into silence. Back in Season 2, Peyton was at the forefront of a task force hellbent on taking Mr Boss down. At one point he even paid her a visit, threatening her and telling her that he is untouchable. Now that he's back in town to get what is owed to him, and more importantly to settle old debts, could that mean Peyton is in danger? Though the task force was shut down, Peyton had been really gunning for him, and he'd shown from the get-go his disdain of her.

Next week sees the return of a fan favorite and familiar face as Drake — Liv's deceased ex from last season — returns to adorably haunt the hell out her. It's not clear what brain she'll be on next week, but Liv looks quirkier than ever in this promo for Episode 10! To make sure you never miss a moment, be sure to tune into iZombie Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW, and Wednesdays on Netflix for us international fans!


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