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Last week's episode of iZombie marked the beginning of the end for some of the show's characters, as Harley Johns went from zombie-hunting hillbilly to suicide bomber in a matter of minutes. Harley blew up the house where Major's leaving party was being held, leaving many of Major's friends and colleagues at Fillmore-Graves dead. Among the dead was Natalie, the human-turned-zombie-turned-human-again, who planned to start a whole new life in Italy in a matter of days.

Following on from last week's massacre, the Season 3 finale of jumped right in with the official news broadcast of the explosion, and the reactions of Liv, Peyton and Ravi — who believed Major and Justin to be dead.

Naturally, in the world of iZombie nothing is ever quite that simple, and as D-Day rapidly approached the city of Seattle, we finally got the answers to some long-standing questions. Keep reading to see the top 4 things we learned this week, and what they mean for the future!

1. Carey Gold Betrays Fillmore-Graves And Sets Plan B Into Motion!

Carey might best be known as the Asian executive who sat alongside Vivian Stoll (and later Chase) at Fillmore-Graves. She's only appeared in a handful of episodes, but as an executive at Fillmore-Graves, is an extremely important character. Whilst Carey seems like a wholly benevolent character, her true nature is revealed this week, as we see exactly what she's been up to all this time. Not only is Carey directly responsible for the death of Ravi's former boss, Katty Cups, she's also responsible for bringing the flu virus from Paris to Seattle by way of a dog she bought Chase Graves as a gift. Carey's actions, including those which led to her killing former CEO Vivian Stoll, result in "Plan B" being unofficially set in motion.

You'll recall that Vivian Stoll's inital "Plan A" was to continue building "Zombie Island": a place where the undead could live comfortably without persecution in preparation for when D-Day arrived. "Plan B" was a significantly more militarized plan, with preparations made for if D-Day rolled around unexpectedly or suddenly. In that event, Fillmore-Graves would move from a private contracted company to an all-out militarized unit, taking complete control of the city of Seattle, and handling all zombie matters internally.

Carey's plan might've gone smoothly, had it not been for Chase Graves discovering what she was doing. When Carey then attempts to have Chase's own men shoot him in the head and bury him "wherever", she grossly underestimates his skill — not only as the CEO of Fillmore-Graves, but as a soldier. Chase easily kills all three men, before putting a bullet in Carey's head just as Liv and Clive arrive, having come to the same conclusions about Carey's actions.

2. D-Day Hits Seattle And Fillmore-Graves Are Taking Control

Welp, D-Day's here, now what?

Now, Fillmore-Graves do what they do best: strategize, organize, and take control. Liv has local weather man, Johnny Frost, announce the existence of zombies live on air, after it's discovered Fillmore-Graves are tainting flu vaccines with zombie blood. Chase Graves then arrives with a pre-recorded PSA for the residents of Seattle, assuring them that the zombie population will be taken care of, and that human residents are free to leave.

In his zombie-friendly PSA, Chase appeals to America, asking for the brains of the dead in order to sustain Seattle's growing population. In return, the zombie population of Seattle will remain in Seattle, ensuring that the virus does not spread across the country.

He goes on to proclaim that a well-fed zombie is a happy one, and that without donated brains from across America, he can't be responsible for what hungry zombies do. As his mercenary units hand out brains to the already hungry zombie population, we see that Chase's broadcast hasn't gone quite as planned, as humans who've remained in the city appear to retaliate, firing at zombies. Breaking into gun stores, the human population look set to fight back, as Chase and Fillmore-Graves try their hardest to maintain control over the city. He assures citizens that there zombie neighbors are the same people they were before they contracted the virus, and tells them that schools, hospitals and more will continue to operate as usual.

Chase has a pretty huge task on his hands, and it's not clear what Seattle will look like come Season 4. I suppose it's better to have someone in charge, rather than no one.

3. Clive Finally Tells Dale The Truth

Agent Dale Bozzio, FBI, was pretty damn close to the truth the last time she saw Clive, and his inability to tell her why he'd freed Major "The Chaos Killer" Lilywhite had caused a huge rift between the two. She then left Seattle, only to return a few episodes ago to take one of Clive's cases off his hands — a case the FBI had a special interest in.

That case ended with her busting Blaine's attempt to smuggle brains into Seattle from overseas, and arresting Tanner, Clive's former CI. Naturally, Dale confronts Clive about it, and after closing the blinds and turning off the camera, Clive punches Tanner in the face. The rush of adrenaline naturally causes Tanner to go full zombie mode, and thus, Clive finally tells Dale the truth, appealing to her to release Tanner.

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

Unfortunately, things take a turn when the two go to get vaccinated, unaware that Fillmore-Graves are tainting and infecting the vaccines. When Liv calls to tell Clive the vaccines are tainted, he has to go outside for better reception, and by the time he returns to stop Dale being vaccinated, he's too late. Accepting her fate as a zombie, we then see Clive helping a paler-looking Dale wash the dye out of her hair.

This happens under the reassuring tones of Chase's PSA about zombie-human relationships, and though it looks as though Dale and Clive have rekindled their romance, it's obvious that it won't be smooth sailing from here on out. As we've seen with Major and Liv, Dale and Clive will have to adjust to a relationship devoid of intimate contact, to avoid Clive becoming a zombie.

4. Ravi Asks Liv To Scratch Him

In true iZombie fashion, the Season 3 finale ended on quite the cliffhanger. Whilst Season 2 ended with the massacre at Max Rager, and tons of innocent zombie lives lost, Season 3 has put a spin on that old concept with the deaths of multiple humans. Not only were ton of people turned into zombies against their will by Fillmore-Graves, essentially becoming the undead, tons of humans attempted to retaliate at Fillmore-Graves too.

We see Justin, Major and the rest of the men make the harrowing decision to kill an onslaught of armed humans, when the warning shots fired by Fillmore-Graves go unnoticed. Add these casualities to the number of humans who die at the hands of hungry zombies, and the human death toll is pretty high.

When Ravi went undercover with Harley Johns this season, we saw him lie about a fictional vaccine to protect humans against zombies. Though it was a complete fabrication, Ravi managed to make it a reality when he found two vials of tainted boat party Utopium with Katty's belongings.

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

Compacting the beta vaccine into a pill, Ravi then takes it, making himself his own guinea pig. After taking the proto-vaccine, Ravi asks Liv to scratch him. It turns out to be a really sweet moment between the two — who have been basically BFFs since Season 1 — as they declared their (platonic) love for one another, before Liv eventually scratches him. The screen then cuts to black before we hear Ravi groan dramatically — making us think he's already a zombie — until Liv tells him firmly not to be a dick, and the episode ends.

We'll have to wait the better part of a year to find out whether or not Ravi's vaccine works or fails. One thing's for sure though: when does return, nothing will be the same.


What was the most shocking moment of the 'iZombie' Season Finale for you?

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