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The friends and family of need to sit down and have an intervention with him. The man seems to be incapable of letting a project pass through his field of vision without trying to make a play for it. With the incredible, mind-boggling task of helming both the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises for the foreseeable future, he already has enough on his plate to last him for the next five years.

Still, that hasn't stopped him from wanting to adapt yet another novel, this time for television. 11/22/63 may become the latest in the Abrams stable, with Abrams reportedly set to be the executive producer. According to EW, Abrams's Bad Robot production company and Warner Bros are in talks to adapt the 2011 novel about a teacher who travels back in time and tries to stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

King's prolific works have always been a reliable source from which Hollywood could draw in the past, but this year has found adaptations of his works virtually everywhere. A remake of the film Carrie will be hitting theaters in October, and another television project, Under the Dome, has been adapted as a miniseries and will be premiering later this summer.

As for Abrams, his latest project, Star Trek Into Darkness will be in theaters on May 17th.


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