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One thing which the advent of the 'Golden Age' of the World Wide Web has brought with it in the last decade or so, and which I actually find pretty cool, is the explosion of viral websites that function as creative marketing ploys for movies. 's new Spiderman saga has one of those, and it basically amounts to a tumblr page imitating Marvel-Universe New York City's leading newspaper, The Daily Bugle.

We all know who heads the urban news emporium: none other than Crankypants Mcgreedy himself; J. Jonah Jameson. A hardened man, Jameson's backstory had his high school sweetheart murdered by a masked criminal, prompting his visceral hatred for anyone who chooses to cover his identity with a piece of fabric on his face. Here's the full version of the angry editorial some anonymous writer created in J. Jonah's stead:

An Editorial from Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson

Last night, I walked out of the 6-train at 96th Street, only to be greeted by a freshly painted graffiti tag of a large red spider painted on a wooden construction fence.

Generally, I ignore the “modern art” of the masses. I must be far too uncivilized to appreciate the subtle nuances of the work. But in this case, the meaning was not open to interpretation.

Do the young people of this city really want to turn the mysterious creature known as Spider-Man into some kind of modern-day Robin Hood?

It has been three months since the terrorist attack at Oscorp Tower in Midtown Manhattan. Three months since a man who had changed into a seven-foot tall lizard battled against another man in a red and blue unitard who could crawl up walls. Three months since the city was introduced to a new status quo, one that will adversely affect the entire planet. It has been three months, and we know nothing more about the man called Spider-Man than we did on that terrible night.

This masked, web-slinging vigilante has refused to identify himself. He has given no public statements. He has refused to be interviewed by the police. He has repeatedly refused requests from the media, including from this paper, to provide some assurance to the people of this city that he means us no harm.

Who appointed him as the new sheriff in town? I didn’t. Did you?

What gives him the moral, much less legal, authority to decide who deserves punishment and how that punishment should be doled out?

Heroes do not need to promote their actions, but they also do not hide from the people they help. Until Spider-Man tells us more about himself, he is no hero. I dare him to prove me wrong.

What do you think? J. Jonah has yet to appear in the new Amazing Spider-Man films, and he wasn't in The Amazing Spider-Man. Who would you like to see in that role? Do you reckon he'll make it into The Amazing Spider-Man 2? J.K. Simmons has expressed interest in reprising the role, and his performance in the trilogy was widely praised. As usual, leave your thoughts in the comments section. And don't go prowling around like some masked vigilante!

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