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J.K. Rowling is clearly among the millions of people who would love to cast a severing curse on Trump's Twitter usage, and the outspoken author has no qualms about sending some serious burns across cyberspace.

In Rowling's latest attack, the Harry Potter creator drew some shockingly apt comparisons between a tiny, screeching child with a limited vocabulary and the soon-to-be president.

After Trump continued to bash his tiny fists against a table over so-called "fake news" (which, by the way, only appears to exist if it is directly challenging him), Rowling jumped in and delivered her scathing insult in response:

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Although the shade Rowling threw in Trump's direction was relatively light-hearted in tone, just a few days before she was eager to remind us what his tiny, dangerous digits could do:

It remains to be seen whether some wise advisor will manage to Evanesco Trump's Twitter account while he still has an ounce of credibility, but for now, expect much more beef to come.

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