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J.K. Rowling has taken to Twitter again to answer a fan question about something many of us have been deliberating ever since the release of last month — how much of a danger does the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald really pose to the wizarding community? And now, the answer — to put it quite simply — is more than we previously may have thought.

An eager Potterhead took to social media to ask the author whether Grindelwald was really a Seer or whether that suggestion was just an elaborate lie. In particular, she flagged up the following uttered by Percival Graves when trying to get Credence Barebone to do his bidding:

"My vision showed only the child's immense power? He or she is no older than ten, and I saw this child in close proximity to your mother – she I saw so plainly."

Moments later, J. K. confirmed that both are correct — he is a Seer and is lying about that "immense power:"

According to the Potterverse, we know that Seers are a rare phenomenon in the wizard world, with Harry Potter Wiki describing them as such:

"A Seer is a gifted wizard or witch who has the ability to see into the future with their Inner Eye. Seers predict prophecies, which are then recorded and stored in the Hall of Prophecy in the Ministry of Magic's Department of Mysteries. [...] Albus Dumbledore once told Harry Potter that seeing into the future is incredibly difficult because of the complexity of every single action and their consequences."

Emma Thompson as Professor Trelawney [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Emma Thompson as Professor Trelawney [Credit: Warner Bros.]

In , although the most notable Seer we meet is Professor Trewlaney, we find out that centaurs like Firenze are also able to master the ability with their own brand of Divination. Apart from that, we don't really know much else, and it is precisely this — and the fact that he was lying and manipulating Credence — that makes Grindelwald so dangerous.

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Ultimately however, the real danger is that if the dark wizard is a Seer as J.K. Rowling says, it also means he has a huge advantage over anyone else in the magical community (unless they also have a Seer fighting for them, which would be unlikely!)

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