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(WARNING: The following article contains massive plot SPOILERS for the final third of the recently released The Lego Batman Movie, right from the get-go. If you haven't yet seen the film, then feel free to go and do that now. Don't worry, we'll wait.)

Now, with ' other -themed franchise, the DCEU, having become a byword for grimly humorless seriousness, it was always likely to be pleasant relief to bask in the gag-filled glow of the recently released . What wasn't quite so much of a lock, however, was just how much the film would play around with the multiverse-related possibilities that its origins in opened up. As it turns out, though, the film firmly embraced its multiverse roots, and brought a whole lot of other (Lego-licensed) characters to the party.

What's more, with that embrace leading to the film's act becoming something of a giant crossover event:

J.K. Rowling Was Way More Involved In 'The Lego Batman Movie' Than You'd Think

'The Lego Batman Movie' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'The Lego Batman Movie' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Y'see, as it turns out, the substantial inclusion of Lego in the film — following a brief cameo from Dumbledore back in The Lego Movie — not only required author 's permission, but led to her being directly involved in the making of the movie. As The Lego Batman Movie's director Chris McKay recently revealed to EW:

"We used Dumbledore in 'The LEGO Movie' as a quick one-off joke, but Voldemort obviously plays a bigger role in this movie. J.K. Rowling obviously cares very deeply about these characters, so we absolutely had to run stuff by her. But honestly, there were no notes. The only thing that she gave us was, like, spell suggestions and things like that that Voldemort should say. It was all really positive and helpful. It was never ‘I’m uncomfortable with that.’ I can’t say enough good things about working with her."

'The Lego Batman Movie' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'The Lego Batman Movie' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

In other words? From the sounds of it, The Lego Batman Movie technically counts as an official Harry Potter sequel. After all, what else would you call a movie that features Voldemort, and contains (from the sounds of it, at least) dialogue written for the character by J.K. Rowling herself?

Or, y'know, if you wanted to be less hyperbolic, you could probably just call it a neat example of J.K. Rowling being super awesome.

Either way works.

What do you think, though? Are you now desperate to see a Lego Harry Potter movie? Let us know below!

(Sources: EW)


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