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The hearts of fans the world over swelled with hope after journalist Jim Hill hinted that the original Hogwarts trio could reunite to give the magical wizarding world its very own Force Awakens moment, but J.K. Rowling herself has called bullshit.

The outspoken author clearly has some pretty comprehensive Google alerts set up for "Harry Potter rumors" because was smashing the rumors into the ground where they belong almost as soon as they surfaced.

Some fans seemed disappointed that Rowling hadn't let them live their futile, nostalgic daydream for a while longer, but the author insisted that the truth was more important:

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But, just in case some people were unclear exactly which rumors J.K. was addressing, she made sure to include a picture of one of the articles she was calling out to make everything crystal clear:

Well, that was nice while it lasted, I guess?

Personally, I'm thrilled that the rumors turned out to be just that. I'm not sure that "Harry Potter and the Paycheck That Was Too Big To Refuse" will do anything for the franchise apart from sully our memories.

I love seeing Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint's work (OK, maybe I'm stretching it with Rupert...) outside the Potterverse and I feel like hurling them back into J.K. Rowling's seemingly endless imaginary world could lead to them being typecast forever.

What?! The crystal ball says I will still be playing Harry Potter when I'm 50?!
What?! The crystal ball says I will still be playing Harry Potter when I'm 50?!

Besides, even when the movies begin to look horribly dated, we still have the books to dive back into at our leisure. Maybe asking for more than seven novels about the same characters is a bit greedy, no matter how much we love them.

Do you think it's time to put Harry Potter back in the cupboard for good?


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