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With a week that has been rockier than Luke Skywalker's home on Ach-To, could Disney's troubled Han Solo anthology film finally be set for some good news Hoping to chart the younger days of the galaxy's notorious nerf herder/smuggler, production found itself in a Force choke of fired directors and rumors of the leading star needing some acting lessons.

However, with an all-star cast of Hollywood heroes and the whole might of Lucasfilm behind it, is too big to fail? Thankfully, some interesting new news proves that every Cloud City has a silver lining. If watching and in a buddy comedy as Han and Lando isn't good enough for you, there are reports that the cast is about to go supersized with a very "large and in charge" addition. That's right, Wars fans, Jabba the Hutt is back!

Such A Jabba Mouth

While there is no word from Sith Lord Kathleen Kennedy (yet), The Hashtag Show reports that Jabba the chinless wonder will have a big part to play in 's anthology film. Forming the original trilogy's evil trifecta alongside Palpatine and Vader, I always felt that we never got to see enough of the humongous Hutt and his political prowess establishing himself as the de facto leader of the Outer Rim.

In addition to more Hutt time, the new era of Lucasfilm appears to be learning from George Lucas's mistakes with the CGI-overloaded Jabba. Sources also report that Han Solo will be focusing on some giant-sized puppetry to bring Jabba back to life. Although the character would've clearly been part of the Phil Lord and Chris Miller era of Solo production, the “story is expected to stay the same." With Han and Jabba sharing a lengthy and less than amicable past, it only makes sense that the gluttonous gangster still has a part to play!

Just like the inclusion of fan favorites Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and of course Princess Leia added to the success of , sliding Jabba into Han Solo may explain why Disney CEO Bob Iger was so adamant the film is anything but doomed. Interestingly, the inclusion of Jabba also opens the door to a whole Outer Rim of possible stories. With the expanded Star Wars universe exploring the whole Hutt lineage on Tatooine, Jabba had his chubby digits in many pies long before Leia was sporting chains and that gold bikini. With relationships charting back to before the rise of the Empire, and with a complicated history with Darth Vader, could Jabba's story be the next anthology film for the studio?

Hutt Up Or Shut Up

We already know that Disney is just a midichlorian's throw away from announcing the next anthology film, and a Hutt homage could be the perfect story to tell. You may remember that Lucasfilm pulled the plug on the Boba Fett spin-off just moments before announcing it, so if they haven't got faith in the bounty hunter holding up his own standalone, could he fit into a Hutt feature?

Also, we have nearly been here before with the proposed Star Wars: Underworld TV series from the noughties. Dubbed The Godfather in space, the show would've explored the criminal lives of Coruscant. Although Hutt was never confirmed to appear, the idea could easily be adapted for cinemas with our obese crime lord as the leading Don Corleone.

While it may all be a pipe dream for now, chances are that Jabba's appearance in Han Solo will be a scene-stealer at worst, and one of the most exciting parts of the film at best. The character is quite literally one of the biggest names in the Lucasverse, so it is great that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves after being an afterthought in the first three films and crappily added into A New Hope with CGI. With a mix of practical and computer effects bringing the big bad bastard to Solo's not so solo adventure, expect to see the space slug establish his formidable reputation in the galaxy far, far away.

Check out some dodgy Hutt CGI from A New Hope and don't forget our poll below.


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