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Tino Jochimsen

Who would you cast as a boozing, womanizing, old codger of an ex-President?

Why of course!

agrees. According to The Hollywood Reporter the Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation- star appeared in person at Nicholson's house to win the Hollywood legend over to star at his side in El Presidente, rumoredly even threatening that he wouldn’t do the movie without him.

The action comedy centers on an overzealous secret service agent (Cruise) who gets assigned to serve and protect America’s worst President. Shit hits the fan once an actual attempt on the politician’s life is made and the two have to go on the run.

What sounds like your typical buddy action comedy à la Midnight Run would immediately gain much allure with the explosive combination of Cruise and Nicholson, last and only seen in A Few Good Men.


Add to this shouty pairing (no homoerotic pun intended) the fact that The Bourne Identity- helmer took over directing reigns from and you have yourself a solid base for excitement - if only agrees to star in El Presidente!

Chances are he might. Well, apparently he at least agreed to read the screenplay.

Well done, !


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