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Jack Reacher should have been a surefire success. With a big name like leading, and a story based on a successful series of novels, you would have expected it to at least top the box office on its release. Hell, it even had in it! That should have appealed to all the sophisticated types too, right?

Well, although Jack Reacher did perform well, it might not have been enough to secure the sequel director was hoping for. The character's debut live-action film was based on One Shot, the ninth book in Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. With 16 other stories to draw from, there's certainly no shortage of material. Unfortunately, a sequel is probably out of McQuarrie's reach.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jack Reacher needed to secure takings of over $250 million in order to be in the running for a sequel. At the moment, it has only banked $154 million. This figure does comfortably cover its $60 million budget, but it's not enough to establish itself as a long-term, highly profitable venture for Paramount.

Although Jack Reacher still awaits release in "key Asian territories", it will have to do extraordinary business to hit the mark, and this is despite Cruise's big following in Japan. With Jack Reacher only gaining $72.6 million in the US, it's unlikely to make over the required $100 million in Asia.

Much of this failure probably has to do with its time of release. Jack Reacher was up against some very stiff competition, such as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Django Unchained, and Les Miserables. Of course, there is still the possibility that they'll hit the mark, but I wouldn't be expecting good news anytime soon...

How does this news make you feel? Are you disappointed that Jack Reacher is unlikely to get a sequel, or are you glad to see this franchise cut short? Sound off below!


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