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Matt Carter

A new banner for Jack the Giant Slayer has hit, giving us a good look at stars , , and brandishing all kinds of sharp-edged weaponry. The bad news though, is there are no giants in sight, which is a shame. Check it out and see what you think:

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It's not the most exciting poster I've ever seen if I'm being honest and the expression on Stanley Tucci's face is just plain weird. Still, is wielding a crossbow, so it's not all bad.

Jack the Giant Slayer has all the ingredients to be good movie. The cast is strong and it's been directed by the very capable , plus the trailer was pretty decent. That being said, I'm not really feeling the love for the fairy tale flick at moment. The movie has already been delayed by almost a year and I've found the marketing campaign pretty uninspiring so far. The banner promises "SOMETHING GIANT IS COMING"- here's hoping they didn't mean flop.

What do you guy think about Jack the Giant Slayer? Will you be catching the movie when it hits comes to theaters? Drop a comment below.



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