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If you've ever sat around with a group of friends watching an old school movie, then there's a pretty solid chance that you've also spent at least a couple of minutes bemoaning the cruel tanglings of fate that've stopped the martial arts legend from winning his fair share of recognition in . Sure, Chan has made a whole lot of money there, with the likes of and adding to the actor's already well-stuffed bank account, but he's never quite managed to attain quite the same level of respect and acclaim that he has long received in East Asia. Action stars, after all, have never exactly been favorites of the .

That, though, appears to finally have changed, since...

Jackie Chan Just Became An Oscar Winner... In Unusual Fashion


Y'see, while the may not have given Chan any recognition for his sterling work in the likes of or , they have finally decided to acknowledge his overall output with an honorary Oscar. After being introduced by Chris Tucker, Michelle Yeoh and Tom Hanks, Chan was presented with the award at the recent Governors Awards in LA, and seemed more than a little thrilled at the prospect of finally getting to take one home with him.

As he revealed during the ceremony, he first saw an Oscar in person at 's house back in 1993, and decided he wanted one on the spot. Which made his response to the award all the more touching (and, in typical Chan fashion, deeply light-hearted):

"After 56 years in the film industry, making more than 200 films, after so many bones, finally."


What's more, with a virtual who's who of Hollywood stardom in attendance — including , , , and — and you would have to imagine it was quite a night of career validation for Chan, not least because the other honorary Oscars went to such well-respected folks as film editor Anne V. Coates, casting director Lynn Stalmaster and documentarian Frederick Wiseman.

The very best part of Chan being given an Oscar, though? It gives us all an excuse to watch him in action right now — and if your boss asks, it's not for fun. It's news...

OK, fine. It's a little fun.

Want more on Jackie Chan's ever-entertaining career? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, though, what do you think? Is Chan's Oscar well-deserved? Let us know below!



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