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Imagine having a boss who cared about you so much that he helped you buy a house, gave you a car and protected you from cruel and callous coworkers. Well, according to a new emotional video, that boss is Jackie Chan and his former stunt team remembers his kindness vividly three decades on.

Jackie Chan and the members of his original stunt team [Credit:]
Jackie Chan and the members of his original stunt team [Credit:]

In an appearance on a Chinese talk show, an emotional was reunited with his original stunt team after not seeing each other for 30 years. As if that weren't enough of an emotional sucker punch, the crew surprised Chan shortly after showing him a touching video of the stunt team expressing their gratitute for everything he had done for them. In short, all the feels.

After seeing his former colleagues in the video, a teary eyed Jackie began a speech about the power of togetherness in the stunt world:

"For fourty years we've been through thick and thin. Fractured bones, broken limbs. Sent to hospital at 5 or 6 in the morning, no one sees that at the theater. Even as I receive the academy honor award, the Oscar is shared among us. To this day, we were able to make a name for ourselves. The JC stunt team has grown for seven generations. You see each of us getting old. I too am getting old. You can see each class grow and learn. You see them rising up."

The star didn't manage to complete his speech before getting surprised by seeing a familiar face in the group behind him though.

Jackie Chan was visibly moved by the surprise [Credit:  Zhejiang TV show Center]
Jackie Chan was visibly moved by the surprise [Credit: Zhejiang TV show Center]

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Ever the professional, Jackie made a swift recovery and continued his speech on a more personal level, addressing his "brothers" in front of a weeping studio audience:

"Thank you, thank you. I haven't met all of you for so long, my brothers. I hope that every year we will have the chance to meet like this. Some of us are gone, the opportunities to be together reduce day by day. Every day counts. Thank you for being with me all these years."

Looking at the faces of Chan's team, it's clear that this is the real thing.

Their faces! [Credit:  Zhejiang TV show Center]
Their faces! [Credit: Zhejiang TV show Center]

Check out the whole moving tribute (with English subtitles) below and feel your love for Jackie swell even more than you ever thought possible. What a man.

What would you do to get yourself a boss as amazing as Jackie Chan?

[Credit: Universal Pictures]
[Credit: Universal Pictures]


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