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If you haven't heard the name by now, it's time you get to know the multi-talented star Jacob Latimore. In my opinion, he's the epitome of a rising star in Hollywood. Recently, I had a unique opportunity to interview the actor and get to know more about him. Before we get to the interview, let me give you just a quick rundown of his career in case you're still wondering who is.

Jacob Latimore's Movie Career

In 2010, he landed a lead role in the movie Vanishing on 7th Street. From there he started landing more roles in films such as Black Nativity, Ride Along, The Maze Runner, and Collateral Beauty. Naturally, while starring in such films, Jacob has been able to share the big screen with notable actors such as Angela Bassett, Ed Norton, Forest Whitaker, Will Smith, Kate Winslet and more.

His latest film, , is currently in theaters. I personally think that it's a breakout role for the young actor, and possibly the beginning of even more success. Check out the trailer below to get a gist of what Sleight is all about.

Jacob Latimore's Music Career

Jacob didn't start out acting. Instead, music appears to have been his first love. He comes from a musically talented family as well. At just 9 years old, he made his first song, "Best Friend" which started getting some radio play in his home city of Milwaukee. That got the ball rolling for his music career as someone from Disney added him to their Incubator program (which highlights rising stars).

OK, that should be enough to get you all prepped for this fun interview.

Eman: "Hey Jacob, you've got a new movie, Sleight, that's coming out. First of all what attracted you to the project?"

Jacob Latimore: "I wanted to be a part of this project because I thought the script balanced out genres very well from the human aspect of it...I just I thought that it was very well written for this type of movie. I love the fact that even if we took the magic in the sleight of hand and all the other stuff out of the movie, we still have a very relatable movie...The icing on the cake for me was that the young kid does street magic and dives into this drug-dealing world, where he finds himself in a little too deep...I went to LA around that time to audition for several different things, and I just thought that 'Sleight' was a script that definitely stood out to me."

Eman: "How did you prepare for the role? Was there anything challenging in learning the new tricks or anything like that?"

Jacob: "I think for me it was just about comfortability with the cards, and not being afraid to mess up...Obviously the more advanced stuff was done for me...I had a great guy named Eric Jones, a great magician, that was on set every day with me constantly doing magic tricks for me. I don't feel like I've truly mastered anything. I mean these guys have been dealing with cards for like 10–11 years. I had maybe a couple weeks to really get comfortable."

Eman: "Did you have any favorite scenes from the movie?"

Jacob Latimore: "I think my favorite scene was ...actually the audition scene. The scene where I'm talking about how I was inspired by a young magician at a young age. When Bo and Holly (Seychelle Gabriel's character) are in the bed that morning and then he's talking about why he's so obsessed with magic... I thought that was just a really cool monologue."

Eman: "Correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems like probably your biggest role as a lead character. Did you feel any type of pressure?"

Jacob Latimore: "No, not really. I've been performing and doing music at such a young age, that I've always been in front of crowds...I've always been that one-man performer. I carried the 'Black Nativity' film, and that was an experience as well just to feel what it's like to work every day on set...It feels almost like second nature. It's just like I'm on stage again."

Eman: "You've been in the music game since you were like 6 years old. It seems like your whole family is musically inclined too."

Jacob Latimore: "Yeah, my dad and uncle. Kenny Latimore is a cousin of mine and has done R&B for a long time. So music is just in me and I've never really stopped doing it. I released an album in December called 'Connection.'

Jacob Latimore: "I also released a couple of music videos over the past month from the album. I released a new music video today called 'Love Drug' that's on Vevo now. I think it's important that I keep constant music visuals out to the fans because that's just the Millennials are doing. They need to see things visually."

Eman: "Can you talk about the impact you want your music to have on your fans?"

Jacob Latimore:" I've always wanted to relate to my peers. I feel like if I am going through something then there's definitely someone my age going through it as well, or maybe going through it in a different way....I think for my album, being that it was my first album, I wanted to sonically and lyrically connect with the fans that have been following me since I was like 10 years old... It's like I'm growing up with my fans and it was important that my album reflected that."

Eman: "So you can sing, dance and act. It seems like the sky's the limit for you. Is there anything else you want to do?"

Jacob Latimore: "[laughing] I thought about doing theater. I know that's still acting but I feel like it's just a different aspect of it. I definitely want to get into producing films, possibly directing maybe in the future, and writing my own content. Really just diving into what I'm already doing full circle. There's so many more pieces than just being the guy in front of the camera, or just a guy in a music video. It's so many more components to the music world and the film world. I think I'm constantly being mentored by a lot of people who do that for a living."

Eman: "I got some rapid-fire questions for you. You ready?"

Jacob Latimore: "OK. Yeah I am ready."

Eman: "Favorite movie?"

Jacob Latimore: "'Home Alone'"

Eman: "Favorite city to tour in?"

Jacob Latimore: "Chicago."

Eman: "You're going to receive some bonus points for picking my home city. Favorite food?"

Jacob Latimore: "Soul food."

Eman: "Who's playing your iPod or mp3 player right now?"

Jacob Latimore: "Kendrick Lamar — 'DAMN'"

Eman: "What's the weirdest thing about you that nobody knows?"

Jacob Latimore: "I'm kind of OCD in bed and like a neat freak."

Eman: "You got any last words for your fans?"

Jacob Latimore: "'Sleight'! Support! April 28th! It's my movie! I'm excited to show my fans what I'm all about in this world. It's exciting. New music video out right now. Music releasing throughout the year and a lot more films coming down the pipeline."

If you were on the fence about seeing Sleight, feel free to check out this spoiler-free review here. Sleight is currently playing in theaters.

Watch The Full Interview Here

What other questions would you have asked Hollywood's newest leading man?


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