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Some celebs always seem to be dragging their feet when it comes to the relentless movie promotion grind, but not Jada Pinkett Smith. Instead, she has shown remarkable devotion to Girls Trip by revealing that her husband, Will Smith, once encouraged her to get fresh by smooshing a grapefruit onto his prince.

In a recent interview with the Australian morning TV show Sunrise, Jada revealed that her husband pioneeringly spilled the juice about the fruit-based oral sex aid over a decade before :

“You know that technique has been around for a while. It has been around for a minute and Will was the first one to tell me about it years ago ― ten years ago. And I was like, ‘Are you trying to tell me something?’”

While we don't know for sure if was indeed trying to tell Jada something, I'd wager that at least one traumatized grapefruit husk has been hastily shoved to the bottom of the compost bin in their home.

If all this talk about "grapefruiting" has left you thirsty for knowledge, then I've left a handy history of the practice below. You're welcome.

Why, Though? A Brief History Of Grapefruiting

For reasons unknown, humans seem hell bent on trying to force the two best things in the world —food and sex — together, despite the fact that they are utterly disgusting bedfellows. The grapefruit technique is part of this long and dubious history, but instead of trying to slurp its juices off your partner's bod in a sexy fashion (spoilers: impossible), this fruity friend is employed for the sensations of it's flesh.

Basically, the "giver" in this equation should lop both ends off the grapefruit, stab a penis hole in the middle and use it as a juicy masturbation sleeve while simultaneously giving oral sex.

The practice first erupted into the public eye back in 2014 when Denise “Angel” Walker posted a tutorial video on YouTube, which, for reasons which will become clear at the 2.46 mark, quickly went viral.

Once you've recovered from seeing this consummate professional morph into a porno sword swallower in 0.5 secs, you can check out the Girls Trip take on the act below.

Girls Be Tripping For The Technique

Tiffany Haddish of Girls Trip also helpfully demonstrates the technique rather more demurely using a banana and a grapefruit in the Entertainment Weekly video below:

If you're in a place where it might not be deemed appropriate to listen to four women screeching about using a penis as a rudimentary juicer, here is what Haddish had to say on the matter:

“So basically what grapefruiting is is an act of love. You take a grapefruit and you cut it on both sides. You cut a hole in the middle of that and you place that on your man’s member. It’s best to get it if he doesn’t know it’s happening. You want to blindfold him and say, ‘Baby, I wanna do something freaky with you tonight!’ Make it mystical and magical.”

Mystical and magical certainly aren't the words I would choose, but each to their own.


Would you ever try the grapefruit technique?


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