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is a spiritual soul. From his soulful prana energy to his deep knowledge of the questionable reality of mirrors, the 18-year-old pioneer has clearly been searching for a spiritual guide, and now he's found one in the form of the enigmatic .

After being sucked into the swirling psychedelic world of the MCU's latest offering, Jaden waxed poetic that his new religion would be following the path of Doctor Strange:

Clearly the universe (read Marvel executives) were pleased with their newest disciple because they acknowledged Jaden's dedication to the teachings of mystic arts with the cute graphic below:

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And, in one simple move, it seems that Marvel managed to recruit themselves a real-life alien (well, as close as one can get right now anyhow) with Jaden wryly asking about his role in the second installment:

Of course, Jaden's adoration for all things Marvel have led some fans to spare a thought for his father, Will Smith, who recently fronted rival studio DC's latest offering as Deadshot in :



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