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Jaden Smith has spent his 17 years on the planet busily forging an identity of his own, separate from that of his superstar parents and . The middle Smith child is an actor in his own right — remember his Karate Kid remake with Jackie Chan? or how about the Netflix original ? — but he's also an artist in a whole bunch of other styles, known for making the unconventional seem freakishly cool — or, to some people, just plain freakish.

Last month, Smith posted a photo to Twitter to announce he had decided to chop his blonde dreadlocks, with the help of aforementioned famous father, Will. In the picture, Will is messing around with Jaden's dreads, which is pretty funny and not really bizarre enough to bother raising your eyebrows at.

You would think that would be the end of it. The dreads have been cut off, laughingly tossed around between famous father and famous son, maybe Jada had a good LOL over it, too. But no. Jaden and his Dreads were just getting started.

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Last night at the , one of the biggest see-and-be-seen events in the fashion world, Jaden and his Dreads made their very first red carpet debut as a couple.

You don't have to be a fashion fiend to tell that Smith was going to be the talk of the ball in his all-black Louis Vuitton look, accessorized with plain gold buttons, two gold chains, and a mouth full of golden grills that are somehow almost more startling then his bouquet of human hair.

The young trendsetter told Vogue:

"Since I couldn't bring my sister as my date I brought my old hair.

According to most reports, Jaden whipped his hair out for the pictures but tucked it safely in his pocket for the duration of the evening. Although, if he really wanted to make his sister proud, I hope he took it out and vigorously waved it over his head singing "I whip my hair back 'n forth!" over and over and over again.

Equally avant garde millennial icon Lorde was quick to tweet her support for Jaden's new look:

Is this the last we've seen of Jaden and his Dreads? Where will they turn up next?


What do you think of Jaden using his old hair as an accessory?


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