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Oh Suicide Squad, will we ever stop talking about the method-acting shenanigans that invaded your set? It sounds like the team behind the movie were just as crazy as their on-screen characters, minus the weird makeup and skimpy clothes — with the exception of our dear , whose style on the red carpet doesn't make him look much saner than his Prada-loving Joker.

And with the DVD sales of probably at the top of Warner's to-do list for Christmas, anecdotes are still trickling in. This one, however, can't even be blamed on the method acting: Jai Courtney, the Aussie actor and former model playing , admitted on Conan he once chased director around... naked.

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'You Just Gotta Go With It, Man'

Looking fresh on Conan, admitted to the host that yes, he'd once chased around his director naked, on set, where pretty much everyone present could see him. How did we get here, you might ask?

Step 1: Get yourself a director who can burst into your trailer at any given moment.

"He used to pay visits to us in our trailers, like at basecamp."

Step 2: Enjoy hanging around your trailer naked, because comfort.

[Credit: Conan on TBS]
[Credit: Conan on TBS]

Step 3: Decide that the best course of action when having an unexpected guest catch you naked in the coziness of your home is to bolt out of said home to chase them around.

Step 4: Forget that people might take pictures.

Apparently the whole set of Suicide Squad was about impromptu fun, though no one ever mentions the awkwardness once that chase is over. Did he walk back to his trailer with his tail between his legs? (I'm sorry.) I guess as Courtney puts it:

"You just gotta go with it, man."

That's probably the same mantra that got Leto to buy a pile of terrifying gifts for his fellow actors, so if you ever hear of a self-help book that inspired the cast of Suicide Squad, my advice: just don't buy it.

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