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Whore twins Goldie and Wendy are back in Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, but don't expect actress to spill the beans on any set secrets.

Although she's already completed her part in the upcoming movie, King just revealed that she shot her scenes before any of her co-stars had even been cast. She will later be "digitally inserted" into scenes with other actors.

While talking to MTV, King explained:

Yes, I already did my part. I was the first one to shoot on the very first day. You just roll with it with Robert Rodriguez because you can trust him. Literally I worked with not one single actor. I worked with literally tape. A roll of tape, and a hand.

Tape and a hand? Sounds...strange. Check out the rest of the (more normal) interview here:

(via MTV News)

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For hits theaters October 4th, 2013. Until then, who would you like to see joining the City of eternal Light, if King is serious about casting not having wrapped? Sound off in the comments below, and click the follow button at the end of this sentence for more awesome news from the movie. [[follow]]


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