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Mark Newton

Comic book fans are now one of the most catered to audiences in all of moviedom. Their favorite heroes now essentially form the backbone of the entire movie industry. However, there is still one gaping omission: Wonder Woman.

Talk of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie has reinvigorated fan calls to see Princess Diana of Themyscira get her own big screen debut. Several names have been thrown around in terms of casting the iconic role, although I think it's safe to say one in particular has predominated — .

Alexander, who is now appearing as Lady Sif in Thor: The Dark World was recently ambushed by MTV with several questions regarding her future with DC and Wonder Woman in particular. Check out the video below to see what she had to say:

In Hollywood, speaking 'hypothetically' is perhaps the only way you can openly express your own opinions without lawyers hanging on your every word. So from this rather stunted interview, it certainly seems Alexander would turn her comic book coat if DC offered her the role.

But what do you think? Is she really the right choice for Wonder Woman? Or should she stick with Marvel? Let us know your opinion below.


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