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Unfortunately, one the biggest pieces of news to come from the Thor: The Dark World set hasn't been about the movie, but instead concerned a pretty serious injury sustained by one of it's stars.

, who plays Sif in the upcoming sequel, fell from a high area and injured her back fairly severely. Initial reports had stated she has just avoided paralyzing herself, while it was even suggested her role might had been reduced in the wake of the accident. So you can imagine how good it was to see her looking healthy and on the mend in a recent MTV video interview. She goes into some detail about her injury, as well as the tone the new Thor movie, in the following video. Check it out below!

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Ouch! Now, I didn't really fully understand everything she said (I thought a rhomboid was a kind of quadrilateral), but whatever happened to her certainly sounds painful. The fact she's back up and running (and fighting) so soon after the injury certainly proves she's worthy to play an Asgardian warrior.

It was also good to hear her comments about the new tone of the movie. Although seeing Thor run amok in New York was cool, I think we'd all kind of like to see more of Asgard. Am I right? Well, let me know below.

Thor: The Dark World stars , and . It's due to be released on November 8, 2013. Hit [[follow]] to be kept updated with all the news on Thor's next adventure.


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