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Will Thor have another love interest apart from Jane () in Thor: The Dark World?

recently hinted that the upcoming movie might explore deeper the relationship between her character, Lady Sif, and the God of Thunder.

We know that things will be getting grimmer for Asgard and its surrounding realms, and that Dr. Jane Foster will end up as a princess of Asgard (at least for a little while). This time around, it seems the good doctor may have a bit of competition:

"Yes, there is that... We sort of explore the Sif - Thor relationship," Alexander hinted. When the interviewer asked if the relationship was in romantic way, she responded, "Yeah, kinda."

You can check out the rest of the interview, here, via I Am Rogue:

It's good to hear that the bond between Thor and the only female warrior amongst his close friends will be explored further in The Dark World, given the seeds that were previously planted. In Norse mythology, Sif is married to Thor, so I wouldn't rule her out quite yet. Plus, the first movie gave strong indications that there was at least some sort of romantic interest on Sif's part, but the love story between Thor and Jane Foster allowed for little development. Given Alexander's indication that Thor and Sif's past will be the focus, not a formulaic love triangle, we're optimistic.

It's awesome to hear Alexander dish the details on how the Thor sequel would shift following the events in The Avengers, too. She said, "It's crazy... a bit of a darker feel, obviously a lot more action. We get to explore the different realms I guess... a lot more... a lot more Asgard, Asgardians." There is still plenty about Thor: The Dark World that we have yet to fully uncover. Judging by Alexander's words, I can't wait to see more of her on the big screen. In fact, I'm voting Jaimie for Wonder Woman.

Thor ended up being my favorite of the pre-Avengers Marvel movies, and I'm looking forward to the sequel. Thor 2 will be in theaters November 15, 2013. Who's excited?


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