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The cast of Disney's upcoming musical Into the Woods just got a little less attractive, with news that will make Gyllenhaalics weep: The Wrap is reporting that , attached to the role of one of the Princes, has exited the production due to scheduling conflicts with his upcoming indie thriller Nightcrawler.

Gyllenhaal agreed to board the musical train and lend his musical pipes to the all-star cast that includes and while Nightcrawler was languishing in development hell. But now the edgy thriller by first-time director is a go, and with a five-week shoot that will overlap the October and November timeframe that Gyllenhaal had been slotted to shoot his scenes in the complicated Into the Woods schedule, managing both projects was just not possible.

Nightcrawler will follow Gyllenhaal's character, a two-bit criminal in Los Angeles who gets caught up with the city's seedier underbelly and nighttime crime journalism underground.

While it makes sense, as Gyllenhaal will be the star of Nightcrawler but would have had a much smaller, supporting role in Into the Woods, I nevertheless am bummed about the choice he made. Gyllenhaal is great in gritty crime thrillers, but they've been done to death in his career. It would be interesting to see him stretch his acting (and singing) chops and take on a more light-hearted, challenging role. Alas, we'll have to wait a little longer to see Gyllenhaal don a pair of tights and a cape, it appears.

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