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Ask any child of the '90s about the music from that decade, and they'll remember Walkmans. Video games? The N64. Drinks and food? Crystal Pepsi and 3D Doritos.

Friday nights and television? TGIF, baby!

Full House and Boy Meets World not only got the reboot treatment recently, but shared that beloved time slot on Friday nights with the show that introduced the world to : Family Matters. The show was originally a spin-off to Perfect Strangers, a show that actually shared TGIF with . The latter ended up lasting longer than its predecessor and made Jaleel White a household name for nine glorious seasons and beyond.

Like that time that Uncle Jesse tried to teach him to be cool
Like that time that Uncle Jesse tried to teach him to be cool

At long last, it might be time to welcome him back to network TV! Well, scripted, at least. There was that turn on Dancing With the Stars, after all. White, along with other acting veterans and some relative newcomers, will star in , a comedy pilot picked up for CBS. With any luck, it will air sometime this year. Here's what the show will be about, from IMDb:

A comedy examines one man's life over a 50-year span. It explores three distinct periods in his life - as a 14-year-old in 1991, a 40-year-old in present day and a 65-year-old in 2042.

Let's break the show down actor by actor, so you know what to expect from White and everyone else involved, should this get turned into a series by . Here is some of the (as yet unfinished) cast of characters, also borrowed from its IMDb page.

Alex Riley

Alex is the main character, an inventor. The story centers around three time periods in his life: 1991, 2017, and 2042.

  • Actor: Jack Dylan Grazer
  • Role: Alex in 1991
Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Where you might have heard the name: Grazer will be playing the part of Eddie Kaspbrak in the It remake.

  • Actor: Bobby Moynihan
  • Role: Alex in 2017
Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

Where you know you've heard the name: Live from New York! It's Saturday Night!

  • Actor: John Larroquette
  • Role: Alex in 2042
Credit: USA
Credit: USA

Who is this guy: It depends on who you are and when you were born, really. Night Court for 38-year-old youngsters like myself, The Practice for fans of legal-ish shows, and The Librarians, if you liked Noah Wyle and The Librarian enough to watch the show. Which is apparently quite a few people, seeing how it's coming back for its fourth season this year.


  • Actor: Jaleel White
  • Role: Darryl, Alex's best friend/roommate/business partner in 2017
Credit: Jaleel White Twitter
Credit: Jaleel White Twitter

Where you know him: Obviously, Family Matters, but he's been pretty busy lately, building up to what hopes to be his big return to a starring role on a hit network comedy. White's guest-starred recently on CSI, Hawaii Five-0, NCIS, and Bones, just to name a few.


  • Actor: Kelen Coleman
  • Role: Abby in 2017
Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Who she is: You may know Coleman from The Office (the U.S. version), as Isabel Poreba. She also played Alex on The Mindy Project, currently in its fifth season on Fox, has appeared on Scandal, and a few movies, as well.

  • Actor: Skylar Gray
  • Role: Young Abby
Skylar Gray on the left in 'Married' [Credit: FX]
Skylar Gray on the left in 'Married' [Credit: FX]

Where you've seen her: Not to be confused with the slightly older singer/songwriter, young Gray has starred in made a handful of appearances on your television. Her biggest role was her first, starring alongside Paul Reiser and Judy Greer in Married. She's also Ariel Winter's niece!

Eleanor/Nori Sterling

She goes by Eleanor in 2042, but in 1991, she's Nori, and (according to Deadline), the "the unrequited love of Alex’s teenage life."

  • Actor: Sharon Lawrence
  • Role: Eleanor in 2042
Credit: TNT
Credit: TNT

What she's done and doing: Dr. Hope Martin on Rizzoli & Isles was her biggest role of the last couple years, but she's a veteran of TV, having starred in NYPD Blue, The Line, One Tree Hill, and Shamless, among others. Coming up, besides Me, Myself and I, she'll star in the movie Perception in 2017, alongside Noel Gugliemi, Daniel Baldwin, and Lou Ferrigno Jr.

  • Actor: Reylynn Caster
  • Role: Nori in 1991
Credit: Reylynn Caster Facebook
Credit: Reylynn Caster Facebook

Where you might have seen her: According to her Facebook and IMDb page, the Wichita, KS native has been busy lately! Before she started getting busy filming for Me, Myself and I, she starred in an episode of ABC's Speechless with Minnie Driver, and the movie Bender, a movie about the Bloody Benders, America's first serial killer family.

There you have excited are you about Jaleel's potential full-time return to television? Let me know in the comments, or visit his Twitter and cheer him on!

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