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Nearly two months after her untimely death following a massive heart attack aboard a United Airlines flight, news has now surfaced from a surprising source that Carrie Fisher actually predicted her own demise over a decade before, with shocking accuracy.

Singer, songwriter and Twitter comedian James Blunt, who was very close with Carrie, has claimed that while he was recording his excruciating album Back to Bedlam in Carrie's LA mansion in 2003, that she revealed to him the she knew the date of her death - and it wasn't far off the mark.

James Blunt Recorded 'Goodbye My Lover' On A Piano In Carrie's Bathroom

While some may be surprised by the friendship between Blunt and Fisher, the two met while he was recording his debut album, Back to Bedlam, in LA over 13 years ago, and she asked if he wanted to stay with her while he wrote it. Taking her up on her offer, James ended up recording his most famous song 'Goodbye My Lover' on a piano in Carrie's bathroom.

As to why Carrie had a piano in her bathroom, we can only assume she enjoyed being serenaded while soaking in the tub.

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Carrie Fisher Wrote The Date Of Her Death On A Princess Leia Cardboard Cutout

Star Wars: A New Hope [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
Star Wars: A New Hope [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

But their friendship went much deeper then just Carrie offering James a place to stay for a couple of weeks. Blunt told The Sunday Times that Carrie was "my American mother," and even asked her to be the godmother to his son who was born last year. However, Carrie also made an eery prediction of her own death while James was staying in her home, telling the Sunday Times that:

“She put a cardboard cutout of herself as Leia outside my room, with her date of birth and date of death on her forehead.”

Knowing Carrie Fisher to be a wonderfully eccentric character, this in itself isn't particularly surprising, but what is however is how close she was to getting the prediction of her untimely death correct with Blunt going on to state:

“I’m trying to remember what the date was, because it was around now — and I remember thinking it was too soon.”

"She Went Out With A Bang...Maybe It Was A Great Time To Go"

The aftermath of Carrie's death was difficult for James, but he was able to look on the brighter side, telling the Sunday Times that:

“She went out with a bang, as she was back in movies. Maybe it was a great time to go.”

However, the real loss for him was that his son would never get to know his wonderful, gregarious godmother:

“The saddest thing is that my son will never get to know someone I thought was the most special person.”


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