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Rarely is it the case that the resolution of a legal dispute is major news, unless of course that dispute involves drunk celebrities and slap-fights. However, today is the exception. According to The Guardian, a deal has just been struck that puts an end to a 50-year conflict affecting one of the cinema's greatest franchises. MGM has just purchased back the all remaining interest/rights to outstanding James Bond characters from the estate of Kevin McClory.

McClory is credited with co-creating the character of Bond and, in 1959, purportedly gave the idea for what became Thunderball seven years later. Decades of conflict followed, eventually leading to McClory creating his own competing James Bond film in 1983 with Never Say Never Again. Since then, MGM and its affiliates have been prohibited from using the iconic Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld and his sinister organization SPECTRE.

Now that all remaining Bond aspects reside with the studio, this could mean the return of Blofeld. And talk about amazing timing! The Bond films have effectively reestablished the character as well as curating a new origin story for him. Now that we've completed that arc, we are perfectly primed for a reboot of SPECTRE and the glorious resurgence of Blofeld. In fact, I thought that's where they were going with Mr. White in Quantum of Solace, but given the fact that they still didn't own the rights to Blofeld at the time, his absence from the story makes far more sense.

Overall, I'm just happy this nonsense is finally over. After all, this was the issue that caused the six-year gap between the Dalton and Brosnan years and, more recently, jeopardized the continuation of the franchise after Quantum. Great day for Bond fans.

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