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Alisha Grauso

Direct from Yahoo Movie News, the latest installment in the James Bond franchise is the biggest yet: Skyfall just crossed the fabled $1 billion benchmark at the worldwide box office.

With numbers like that, you have to wonder if , our generation's answer to 's Bond, still feels like he's desperate to get out of the wildly successful franchise. (Continuing, of course, in the grand Hollywood tradition of biting the hand that feeds...and launches you to wealth and worldwide fame).

Skyfall joins the prestigious $1 billion club, which currently boasts only 14 other members in its exclusive ranks. The reigning king of the box office is James Cameron, whose movies Avatar and Titanic hold the #1 and 2 spots on the list. Two other movies from the list (The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises) were also released this past year, lending weight to the argument that 2012 may have been the best year for movies ever.

In any case, it's got to be more than a little amazing to know something you helped created generated A BILLION DOLLARS (Hell, I'm happy when I find five bucks in my jeans pocket) and has been beloved the world over, so 'grats to the entire cast and crew. Pretty awesome stuff.


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