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Brian Salisbury

No one would ever accuse of thinking too small. If the myriad epic movies in his long-standing catalog weren't proof enough, 2009's Avatar took his game, not to mention special effects, to an entirely new level. Since then, he have been hearing about the two proposed sequels in the works. We obviously couldn't help but wonder how much bigger Cameron could make the followup films. Well, it looks like the scale was amplified enough to require a third sequel! That's right, Deadline reports that there will now be three Avatar sequels and that writers have been selected for each. (War of the Worlds) will handle one, & (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) will pen another, and (one of the scribes behind Armageddon) will write the third. The writer placement was evidently part of a plan to get the sequels ready to shoot simultaneously next year.

This is getting to be a little insane. We won't even get Avatar 2 until 2016 and then they will keep cramming these things down our throats until 2018? Full disclosure, I wasn't so hot on the first Avatar. It was gorgeous to look at and I'm not at all denying the monumental achievement in visual effects it represented. I just wasn't pulled in by the story, and therefore the idea of stretching it out into three more films is less than a thrill. I do find it funny that these Avatar sequels seem as though they are becoming the new Hobbit films; not only adding another chapter unexpectedly, but also being released on subsequent Decembers starting in 2016.


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