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Abi Toll have passed on the tantalizing news that James Cameron has been talking to RTL about the 3 Avatar sequels which are being planned.

Here's what Cameron had to say:

We're still in the early stages. Right now we're developing the software. I'm writing the scripts. We're designing all the creatures and characters and settings, and so on. So, I'm not actually directing yet, but I'm doing all the other creative processes that up to that.

And as for the technical aspect for the upcoming films, rest assured that the next in line will take nowhere near as long as the first film which:

Took almost four years to make. We expect to be able to accelerate the process quite a bit, because we've improved a lot of the software and the computer graphics tools.

And what about the story?

The thing about Avatar is it's such a rich world, I can explore any theme or any idea that I want. Once you've got the characters that an audience loves. it's great to surprise them and make changes and turns they don't expect.

You can watch the interview with James Cameron below (via

Suites d'"Avatar" : "Je crois que ça va être... by rtl-fr

Just remember, good things come to those who wait, so although there are another two years before the second one is released, Avatar will still continue to thrill us for the next 4 years; where the second will be released December, 2016, the third in December 2017 and the fourth in 2018.




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