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The Terminator is just one franchise which, for better or worse, refuses to die. Terminator Genisys is currently entering production and Arnie is set to return to his most iconic role. However, it looks like , the director of the original The Terminator, has now long since departed the franchise. This wasn't always the case though. In turns out that Cameron was so protective of his original Terminator script he would not let anyone else direct it. Even going so far to sell the script for a single dollar in order to guarantee his involvement.

According to GiantFreakingRobot, the young James Cameron was not used to handling the kind of cash he probably has now. He lived in his car, and was having trouble making ends meet. He did have one thing of value though. The original script for 1984's The Terminator. He could have simply sold the script to a studio and be done with it, but instead Cameron was adamant to direct the movie himself. As an unproven film maker he had a bit of trouble persuaded the studio suits to give him his shot. As a sign of his commitment and dedication he agreed to sell the script for a single dollar. Therefore earning himself the right to helm the project. The Terminator went on to make $80 million worldwide. He's been racking in mountains of cash ever since.

I suppose the moral of this story is that sometimes it's best to take a leap of faith than walk away with a quick buck, and if you are persistent enough, anything can happen. Well, basically anything. I mean, it's probably too late for you to be an astronaut or win the US Open, but you know what I mean.

What do you think though? Will the Terminator 5 resurrect James Cameron's original vision? Let me know below.


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