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By the time you win six , who do you look up to for inspiration? For Titanic and Avatar director , he searches for inspiration wherever he can find it. Cameron just sat down with Comic Book Debate to give us the low-down on the directors that inspire him the most. Of course, he mentioned the greats like Hitchcock and Kubrick, but he also added some unexpected new names to the list. Perhaps the most surprising? Controversial DCEU leader .

Here's what Cameron had to say about it:

"I certainly have studied the masters: David Lean, Hitchcock, Kubrick, you know, everybody. Directors that continue to inspire me? Ridley Scott. I'll go to see any Ridley Scott movie, even the ones that bomb, to me are great because of the fabric of the film making... I'm also inspired by — these are established filmmakers now but I remember being very inspired by them when they first broke on the scene, like Zack Snyder and Robert Rodriguez, guys that were just creating their own new cinematic language."

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It might sound surprising to hear the name of the fallen father of the DCEU among the list of people that James Cameron finds inspiring, but he's hardly the first director to praise Snyder's originality. Daredevil director Steven DeKnight also publicly praised Snyder's work in Watchmen, his 2009 take on the DC comic series by the same name.

Snyder's reputation took a hit after his 2011 passion project Sucker Punch, and his work as the head of the DCEU has had longtime fans so frazzled they even started a petition to get him kicked off , but you can't deny that he follows through on his unique personal style — for better or for worse.

Despite all that petitioning, Snyder is currently hard at work on Justice League, which will hit theaters on November 16.

Check out the trailer now.


Were you surprised to hear Cameron sing Zack Snyder's praises?


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