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Alisha Grauso

Organized crime? Police corruption? Murder? Celebrity and tabloid journalism? L.A. in the 1950s? If you're a fan of those things (uh, in entertainment, not in real life, because then you'd probably be a terrible human being), then you're in luck, because Deadline is reporting that 's L.A. Confidential is being shopped to interested parties by Ellroy and New Regency for adaptation to television.

Ellroy's gripping novel was originally adapted into an excellent 1997 film that garnered no less than 9 Oscar nominations, winning 2 of them: Best Screenplay and a Best Supporting Actress award for star . The television project is currently being pitched to multiple outlets and has apparently garnered so much interest that it looks like it will get a straight-to-series commitment from whichever network picks it up.

It's no surprise that New Regency is shopping the L.A. Confidential project so hard, as the newly-resurrected television division of the studio came out of dormancy only last year and is no doubt looking for projects that will solidify its foothold in the industry. Ellroy, meanwhile, has already sold another 1950s crime drama, Shakedown, to FX, though no word yet on when either project will commence production.


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