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has already had a busy year, and it's about to get even busier: Deadline reports that he's just signed on to the cast of the 3-D family drama Every Thing Will Be Fine.

Franco will be playing the role of Thomas, a writer who accidentally causes the death of a child. The story will follow the twelve years after the accident and the profound ways in which it changes both Thomas and the child's mother.

Director said he had planned it in 3-D all along:

A story of guilt and forgiveness, and of accepting things you cannot change anymore. We wrote it with 3-D in mind, and I’m convinced that the medium lends itself really well to an intimate story.

In an age of Hollywood in which 3-D is used for the next big spectacle and VFX-heavy film, it's interesting to hear a director talk about the intimacy of the medium, and how it might be utilized in other genres for different emotional effects.

The drama will be produced through Neue Road Movies, and be internationally distributed through HanWay Films. It starts shooting in August.


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