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Renaissance man has revealed that one of the inspirations for his book about sex in Hollywood is Twilight star . Franco's book, titled Actors Anonymous: A Novel, is a heady mix of memoir and fiction that recounts the sordid tales of the sex lives of Hollywood stars, with one story referring to a "17-year-old actress called Cent who stars in a teenage vampire film because she is sleeping with the producer."

Franco has admitted that although the sexual exploits of the characters are pure fiction, he did take some inspiration from the Twilight franchise and its then young stars:

I don't know the intimate details of Kristen Stewart's life. But I don't need to because I'm not writing non-fiction. When I was writing, I was thinking, what are the pop culture phenomena of today? Yes! The Twilight movies..

For all you KStew fans out there that might be seething with rage at Franco using Stewart as an unwilling muse, don't worry. Apparently the book isn't great, with the LA Times calling it a "barrage of self-indulgent snippets,."

Will you be checking out Actors Anonymous: A Novel? What do you think about Franco taking inspiration for Stewart's life? Sound off in the comment section below.


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