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seems to alternate between BDSM stories like Kink and Interior. Leather Bar. and literary adaptations like As I Lay Dying whenever he works on his personal, independent projects. Now, he's tackling another classic Faulkner novel, The Sound and the Fury, according to the LA Times.

Franco reportedly wrote the script for the 1929 classic about the aristocratic Compson family along with one of his Yale classmates, Matt Rager, who also co-wrote As I Lay Dying. Fans of Mad Men and tabloid stories about 's penis will also be happy to know that he's supposed to join the project. It also appears that Franco is keeping it all in the family because his brother, , will be playing Quentin. Franco is planning on shooting the film this fall.

Are you guys interested in James Franco's independent projects or do you mostly care about his big budget blockbusters? Here's the trailer for his

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